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Those Russians and their fluffy tails...

In Fiction[]


An assassin from the rival red steel academy 

A beautiful girl with the tail and ears of a fox

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A more serious version of M16 in the Red Steel High group. A cunning leader. 


She is the only AK Manga character in the Anime, other than QBZ 95.

In Real Life[]


After the data collected about the M16 during the Vietnam War, the designers at Izhevsk were commisoned to impove the AKM. It's essentially the same construction as the AKM, but recalibrated and adjusted for the smaller 5,45 mm M74 cartridge.


Almost used exclusivally by the Soviet Union and were not distributed to other Warsaw Pact allies. During 1980's Afganistan it was supplied to the Afgani government, that were a puppet state to be later abosorbed to Turkmen S.S.R. territory administration. During and after the war, many AK74's were captured and used by the Afanistan Mujahideen fighters. Used in many, many countries, most of them being 3rd world. AK74's were not offically given or sold to anyone else, untill after the Fall of the Soviet union in 1991 in which many warehouses of them were sold to patrons in previous held Soviet territory, like Arminia. Even with so many AK74's released in rising conflects inside previous Soviet territory, they are still less numerous than AKM rifles. 

The AK74 also has its copies, variants and offspring,such as the Polish Kbk wz.1988 Tantal. (Which also appeared in Upotte, in episode 10 only in the Anime. Tantal-chan is paired with Saiga.)


The AK74 uses the 5.45 round which utilizes a steel-core bullet and the weight shifted to the back. When it hits the target, the bullet flips and does god-know-what inside the target's body, messing him up good and leaving a nasty exit wound or cavity, after it goes though a steel plate layer of body armor or a flack jacket. Thanks to this neat feature, the 5.45 caliber has been banned in many countries. The rifle itself also sports a pretty big muzzle brake, which combined with the small caliber reduces the recoil to the point when the operator can barely feel it. When asked about how the newer rifle was used during Afganistan, one soldier said that it performed just the same as the AKM. To this day the 5.45x39 round is the leading small rifle round in armor penitration.


The AK-74 is well sought in the black market. Even current Taliban leaders in Afganistan want to get as many of them as possible. But if it were the black market, than the AK-74 would cost an arm or a leg more than the AKM. Also Russia plans to no longer export the AK-74 due to the fact it has given them many problems being used againt them in the past, to a result thick steel tower sheilds are used during armed police raids. 

Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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