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AMD-65 has shoulder length pink hair, and bright blue eyes. She also has her front bangs tied in a tail, a nod to the AMD-65's integrated forward grip. She is also "slender" like AK-74 or Vz. 58

Unlike most other girls at Akaganekou, AMD-65 sports large Leporidae ears, with one flopping over, similar to either the European Hare or European Rabbit. She also has the large, ball-like tail to match the ears.


While she has not had much appearance time, AMD-65 has shown a few key traits, the main on being her haughtiness when taking on M16 when she was leading a group of two-stripes while M16 was alone. She also can not handle Sako's insanity, when confronted with her.

We also know that while AMD-65 is a three-stripe in Akaganekou, as she is a new design that is not a direct copy of a Russian design, she is as Sako puts it "A small fry"

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AMD-65 oh no

The abject terror when you face a psychotic finn.

AMD-65 defeated

Poor Cottontail never stood a chance

After the design of the AKMM-63 based on the AKM for small use in Hungary's ground forces, Hungary switched it's focus to adapting the design for use with paratrooper and vehicle based forces.

This new design had several significant changes from the original AKMM-63 rifle that was the basis of this new rifle. The first was the introduction of a wire folding stock for weight and space saving. This was accompanied by a shortening of the barrel from the standard 16.3 inches to 14.8 inches. With this shorter barrel came a drastic increase in muzzle flash, leading the designers to add a muzzle break in order to reduce this muzzle flash to something comparable to a standard AK muzzle flash. The final change made was the use of a 20 round magazine as compared to a standard issue 30 round magazine.

After two years in development the AMD-65 was released in 1965 for Hungary to use with it's Armored and Paratrooper forces. These rifles were kept in front line service until the late 1970's when Hungary switched to the AK-63 and its variants. While it is not a main service rifle in Hungary anymore, it still enjoys widespread use as more than 1100 rifles were delivered to Georgia in 2008 and more than 20,000 were used to help re-equip the Afghan National Police in 2007 as part of the effort to rebuild that nations infrastructure.


Overall, the AMD-65 has very similar performance to any design based on the Russian AKM. There are, however, a few differences in design that give it an advantage in performance to a standard AKM.

There are three main points of contact on the AMD-65 coupled with the lower 600 RPM fire rate means that while firing in full automatic, the rifle is extremely controllable, giving accurate and precise automatic fire.

The shorter barrel and folding wire stock give the weapon greater portability and maneuverability in the roles that it was designed for.

While the AMD-65 enjoyed those advantaged in performance, there are two distinct disadvantages that lower it from an exceptional rifle to a great rifle. It is heavier that a standard AKM by almost a full pound, putting more weight on the soldiers carrying it, and making it not suitable for long distance missions.

It's other main disadvantage comes from the forward grip interfering with the loading of magazines large than 20 rounds. Although the design specifically calls for a 20 round magazine to be used, if a solider was in a pinch and had to use a 30 or 40 round magazine, they might run into trouble loading it.

While it had some disadvantages, the soldiers who carried the AMD-65 enjoyed the rifle for its control in full automatic fire, reliability, and small profile for their confined uses.




  • Afghan National Police






Palestine Liberation Organization




United States:

  • Limited Use by Special Forces in Afghanistan


Good news! If you live in the United States or Switzerland, you can pick these up all day long in either parts kits (300USD less receiver) or fully built firearms for about 600 USD (price in the states). However, if you live in the frozen north of Canada, these are a prohibited firearm, and you can't get it through regular means. The only difference between the original version, and the semi-auto one sold is the permanently affixed muzzle device, to make the firearm a non-NFA item.

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