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In Fiction[]


She has long auburn hair braided into two pony tails with silver-blue eyes, and wears the same uniform as Betty (it can be assumed that they go to the same school). According to Betty, since her stock can fold and is also telescoping, she wears high-leg bikini style underwear.


ARX160 gets embarrassed when talking about her stock.

Not much is known about her personality as she has only shown up for two pages but she appears to be more of a straight man to Betty's antics as she tries to correct her statement of her being bi (ambidextrous) by pointing out the phrasing. She is also kinda of embarrassed when the topic of what underwear she wears from here stock is mentioned.

In Real Life[]


Back in 2007 the Italian Military was following suite with the other NATO nations in developing a future solider program for their front line infantry, named the Soldato Futuro. After receiving some of the other components for the program, Beretta submitted the ARX 160 as a replacement for their AR70/90 for use in the new program. After several trails the Italian Military accepted the ARX160 for the program.

The rifle was extremely successful with the Italian special Forces and ground forces during missions into Afghanistan. This great success is what led to the ARX160's current position as the rifle that is replacing the AR70/90 for all Italian Forces.

After several years of service and, with a generous amount of feedback from the Italian soldiers, Beretta released the ARX160 A3. This new variant had two main improvements to the rifle over the original ARX160, with the first being the new ergonomic pistol grip for better comfort and control of the rifle. The rifles hand guard was redesigned as well, with the overall weight reduced and more ventilation created by larger vent holes cut in the sides of the hand guard. The hand guard also has an extended Picatinny rail added to the bottom of the hand guard.


The ARX 160 has come out to great acclaim, as it is considered to be a reliable, durable, and utilitarian rifle. It was one of the top five finalist to replace the FAMAS for the French Army (loosing to the HK416), is replacing the Argentine Army's FN FAL rifle, and before the competitions cancellation, was one of the final contenders to replace the M4 Carbine.

Although being manufactured of mostly polymer to save on weight (this rifle is close to the M16 in weight), the ARX160 is considered durable as it has passed all standard and advanced military testing on reliability and function. As well as being durable, the rifle is very utilitarian including being fully ambidextrous and easy to maintain. There is a left and right safety, magazine release, bolt release, charging handle, and choice of which side the casings are ejected from. As for maintenance, the barrel can be removed without any tools quickly and the rest of the rifle is simple to take apart for cleaning and changing parts.

One of the keys to the rifles reliability is comes from the piston operation that the ARX160 uses. Instead of a short movement of just a fraction of an inch, like most piston operated firearms, the ARX160 piston moves two inches back, almost the entire length of travel of the bolt carrier. This means there is less gas pressure in the chamber and the bolt carrier is subject to less jarring forces, instead moving in a fluid motion in the receiver.

There are several variants of the ARX160 available:

ARX160/A3 - This is the main military version of the ARX160 with either the 12 or 16 inch barrel. It is available in 5.56x45mm or 7.62x39mm and can use AK-47/AKM or STANAG magazines depending on the caliber. The differences between the ARX160 and the ARX160A3 is the longer picatinny rail, better vented hand guards, and more ergonomic pistol grip.

ARX160 A2 - This is the Special Forces variant that has a shorter buttstock, longer Picatinny rail, and 12 inch barrel.

ARX100 - This is the civilian legal variant of the ARX160. It is identical to the ARX160 except for the fact that the barrel is rated for 5.56/.223 and it is semi-automatic.



  • Military Police
  • Special Operations Battalion
  • RENEA (Albanian SWAT)


  • Argentinian Army (Replacing FAL by 2020)



  • Sa'ka Forces


  • Italian Army
  • Italian Navy
  • Italian Air Force
  • Carabinieri (Italian Military Police)
  • Italian Special Forces


  • Kazakhstan Special Forces (Uses the 7.62x39mm Version)


  • Kenyan National Police Service (Uses the ARX 200)


  • Federal Police
  • Policia Metropolitana de Guadalajara


  • Special Security Unit Sindh


  • Royal Thai Police SWAT


  • Military of Turkmenistan (includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Guard, ect.)

United Arab Emirates:

  • UAE Special Forces

United States:

  • Fresno Police Department SWAT


While you can't get an military ARX 160, Beretta has made a version that is semi-automatic called the ARX 100. This rifle is almost exactly the same as the ARX 160 besides the fact that it is semi-auto and the barrel is rated for both .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO. These are widely available at multiple stores in the United States at the time of writing and can be had for less that 900 USD.

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