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Is part of the "Public School" faction. In the series case, "Guns that are actually living normally with people"


Looks like Ichiyon, but has a ponytail instead.

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More serious than Ichiyon, but also more childish.



The BM-59 was what you got when you had a M1 Garand, re-chambered in .308, with a 20 round detachable magazine and a selective fire (semi/fully automatic) trigger group; the rifle was either built ex-novo or as a conversion kit from the Beretta BM-1, that was the .308 version of the Garand as produced in Italy. Even if it looks a lot like the M14, it proved to be sturdier, with slightly less recoil (thanks to the specially designed compensator that worked also as grenade launcher) and a faster magazine change; its military service lasted way longer than the M14 being used by the Italian armed forces up until 1993-1994 (when it was completely replaced by the AR70/90 and its variations)


Italy, Argentina, Indonesia, and Morocco


The BM-59 is a bit shorter than the M14, but weights more or less the same. It has a detacheable bipod and a detacheable compensator/grenade launcher; the gas group can be disconnected by flipping up the grenade-launching set of sights. It had three versions:

  • BM-59 Ital: standard version, with full stock, compensator that needs the specific tool to be detached
  • BM-59 Ital-Alpini: developed for the Alpini (mountain infantry), it differentiates from the standard version for the folding stock and pistol grip. Used also by Lagunari (Army's "marine" force), San Marco (Naval Infantry) but briefly since in mid-70 the San Marco started to replace it with the early AR70/223, Bersaglieri (mechanized infantry)
  • BM-59 Ital-Para: developed for airborne units, it is an Ital-Alpini but with a fast-detacheable compensator that needs no tool for its removal

Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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