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M16 in the Visual book

"No, it's not the windage adjustment knob."

In FictionEdit


The yankee

Kanji いちろく 
Rōmaji Ichiruko
Nickname(s) "Orange Slice"

"Jamming Ginny"

"Mattie Mattel/toy rifle"

"The Black Rifle/Space Rifle"

Seiyū Misuzu togashi
Country of Origin USA
Classification Assault rifle
muzzle velocity 3,110 ft/s (948 m/s)
Weight 7.18 lb (3.26 kg) (unloaded)8.79 lb (4.0 kg) (loaded)
Length 39.5 in (1,000 mm)
Fire rate 12–15 rounds/min sustained45–60 rounds/min semi-automatic

700–950 rounds/min cyclic

Produced 1959–present A1-1967 A2-1982 A4-1999

Personal Info

M14(adopted older sister)

Colt M4A1 (sister)

Armalite AR18(sister/cousin)

Colt M635 (sister)

Affiliations Seisho Academy
Anime Debut Grip and Hold
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Currently the leader of the middle school division.her slim body like her incompetent sister(M14) is the envy of all girls around her,"it doesn't matter"

Funco's best friend, who nicknames her Fukko (ふッこ Fukko?) due to a spelling mistake. She has an energetic personality and a foul mouth with an Osaka dialect, but is very kind. She is an American M16A4 assault rifle (her name literally means "one" and "six") and has a large number of fans,as she is usually photographed for the cover of specialized gun magazines. In

non-combat action, she tends to rapidly alternate between bursts of activity and sudden rests, relating to her namesake's three-round burst fire only capacity.

She is Ichihachi's own sister, who was adopted by the Colt family, and Ichiyon's younger foster sister-in-law the back story of M16 explains that she was adopted early in her life which implies that she is AR-15, only by a different name she takes on various alias such as M16A1, M16A2 and so on and throughout the years became super popular.


An American character with blond short tomboyish hair and blue eyes.


It calls for thee

. Quite tall, but skinny. An indicator to her maneuverability, she wears running shoes instead of more plain ones.


She is not afraid of anything. She can sometimes be stubborn but honest. Somewhat narcissistic, quite often naive, a bit of a glutton, hot-headed and easygoing, tends to charge headlong instead of analyzing and planning

Has a foul mouth but deep down she has a kind heart.

 Her writing is bad enough that when she written "Funco" (フンコ) in her diary she reads it as "Fucco" (フッコ). Funco not knowing about the diary mistakes this for M16 doing her a favor by not using the nickname that she hates Ichiroku just can't say it to her and lets her believe that. M16 has a huge fanbase even the elementary SMG students are part of it, as she is always on the cover of the Gun girl magazines true to the Real life M16 as this rifle is very famous worldwide second only to the AK in terms of production

also somewhat of a pervert but she likes to keep herself clean.

Relationships Edit

FNC - Her best friend according to the author its because they can use the same magazines also L can use them too she may also be indirectly related to Fucco's as a cousin or sister since FN de herstal Makes alot of FN M16A4.

L85A1 - they get along well but often fight mostly its M16's fault.

SIG - Thank God she doesn't want to be her special someone.

AR18- Her blood related sister. She tends to get along with AR fairly well, AR15 and AR18 originally grew up together, but AR15 was adopted by Colt, got a contract with an agency, changed her name to M16 and became super popular

M14 - Has a love-hate relationship with her older stepsister M14 mainly complaining about her noisy nature and her lack of ability in fully-automatic fire.

M4A1 - Yet another sister she can't get along with only this time they are real sisters, and may have a rivalry going on like the marine corp and the army (at least on the internet)

Browning - She often teases her human teacher about firing her and FNC, she may or may not harbor anything special.

In Real LifeEdit


600px-Upotte M16A1

The American M16

The M16A4 is the current US Marines service rifle. It is manufactured by a contract from FNH, the United States expansion of Fabrique National.

The prototype was named the ArmaLite AR-15, to this day civilian models of both M16 and M4's are call AR-15 or "The AR-15 weapons platform". Throughout the 21 century the rifle was modular and many modifications and even parts in the civilian market has caught eye of the military. The success of the rifle being more personal and customizable as ever, and classified unofficially as a weapon system,

Colt has licensed only three producers the rights to manufacture the M16. The first was Elisco tools and manufacturing corp of the Philippines and the second is ST kinetics of Singapore the third is The Canadian Government


The Introduction of the Colt M16 was first used by the Air Force servicemen first in 1962. It was not until six years later it was officially tested in Vietnam as a replacement for the US Marines and Army M14 service rifle. At first it was widely accepted by many soldiers as that ability to control the weapon when it were fully automatic. In Vietnam everyone began to have troubles with it in the mud, the water, the fact that the rifle's chamber naturally got dirtier after it fired round per round even though the servicemen were told it was a "self cleaning rifle". Part of US casualties was from the rifle jamming at untimely events of an ambush or firefight. The M16A1 was a war production improved model. With a bigger cylinder shaped hand guard and less complicated gas block, and a forward assist added to the rifle made the rifle be able to chamber rounds if it did not chamber without sticking fingers inside the small ejection port.

The main problem about the M16 was not the fact it jammed frequently, it was because it is the fastest fully automatic rifle made at 950 Rounds a minute. To correct one mistake from Vietnam was the bullets spent to kill ratio. During Vietnam The M16 would empty a whole 30 round magazine in 5 seconds which was too fast to conserve ammunition, and the fact the soldiers relied on automatic too much and had trouble completing combat patrols without the need for an ammunition drop in otherwise "no fly zones". The M16A2 was the answer to the trigger happy grunt, making three round busts happen with enough stopping power up to ten targets or pulls.

The M16A3 was not really mentioned as the next success. It was the only fully automatic in the 1980's that was only used by the Navy SEALS. If one were to describe it, it was just a fully automatic A2. 


United States of America. Mostly The United States Marine Corps the M16A4 is used as the standard issue basic infantry weapon, the United States Army uses the M4 along with the M16A2 with only Limited numbers of M16A4's for select Units. 

Republic of the Elisco Tools Manufacturing Company one of the only manufacturers of the original M16A1 liscensed by Colt to make the Rifle back in the 70's and 80'sM16A1E1 M16A2's are used by The AFP and Police. the A4's are very rare and in limited number only available to special units. most soldiers only ever get to use them by borrowing from American Marines during balikataan exercises. Filipinos refers all AR rifle series and even the M rifle series made by Colt as Armalite Rifles.

Israel-A1's being replaced by IMI Tavors

Mexico-US sourced

Canada- C& nd C8 variants

Singapore M16S1 replaced by the SAR21

Republic of Korea-600,000 M16A1s (Colt Model 603K) were manufactured under license by Daewoo Precision Industries. The delivery started in 1974 and ended in 1985. Still KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the United States Army) soldiers who serve in the United States Army uses M16A2. now all M16 are replaced by the K-series rifles.

Italy - Limited numbers in use as DMR by San Marco Brigade (Naval Infantry)'s boarding teams

Middle East rebel faction groups most likely stolen. 

Present in almost all modern battlefields, From Deserts to dense jungles friend and foe alike. 


The M16 is regarded as one of the most accurate assault rifles. The M16A4 is part of the Marines "Squad Designated Marksmen" test of maximum combat effective range of 500 meters at a point target. With the TA31-A4CP RCO ACOG, performance in Iraq and Afghanistan has been very good

Some Bullshit Edit

in some places like in the Dense jungles like in South east Asia but mostly in The Philippines where Licensed and unlicensed variants of the M16 and M4 are so common that they are much more easy to obtain in-country than even the internationally ubiquitous Kalashnikovs . Soldiers and rebels are so used to the M16 , that they even have a saying "I can live a day without my wife but i won't live without my Armalite" .


The United States is famous for contracting the lowest bidder to it's Infantryman. Direct Impingment is the cheapest gas system to date.

FNH M16A4: $500 a unit.

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