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An American character with blond short tomboyish hair and blue eyes. Quite tall, but skinny, she is very dexterous and wears running shoes instead of plain sneakers. She wears an orange slice pin, which refers to the author's impression that the U.S. is the biggest producers of oranges.
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M16A4, referred to as "Sixteen" in the series, has quite the energetic and charismatic personality. She is not afraid of anything. She can sometimes be stubborn but honest and is somewhat of a narcissist (She is quite one of the most popular assault rifles after all). Sixteen is quite often naive, a bit gluttonous, hot-headed and easy going who often tends to improvise on the go whether it be pranks or actual combat. She has a foul mouth and an Osaka dialect that compliments her headstrong tomboyish and competitive nature but deep down she has a kind heart, especially to her friends. As a reference to her fire control group, she tends to alternate between bursts of activity and rest. Sixteen is also quite the clean freak with herself which references to how dirty her action can get over time aside from the sabotage scandals in Vietnam by the US Army brass. Since Sixteen if basically a firthy gaijin (That's foreigner for you non weebs out there (^: ), Japanese isn't her primary language and she is prone to making linguistic mistakes.

An example is her reading comprehension and writing, it's bad enough that when she written "Funco" (フンコ) in her diary she reads it as "Fucco" (フッコ) instead. Sixteen has a huge local and international fan base regarding her performance and appearance, to the point she is often featured in firearms magazines. This refers to her widespread reputation and adoption in the international field throughout the Cold War and present whether it be military aid to third world countries to her use within law enforcement and paramilitary organizations.

In Real Life

Performance and History

The M16A4 is the current US Marines service rifle. It is manufactured by a contract from FNH, the United States expansion of Fabrique Nationale.

The prototype was named the ArmaLite AR-15, to this day civilian models of both M16 and M4's are call AR-15 or "The AR-15 weapons platform". Throughout the 21 century the rifle was modular and many modifications and even parts in the civilian market has caught eye of the military. The success of the rifle being more personal and customizable as ever, and classified unofficially as a weapon system,

Colt has licensed only three producers the rights to manufacture the M16. The first was Elisco tools and manufacturing corp of the Philippines and the second is ST kinetics of Singapore the third is The Canadian Government

The Introduction of the Colt M16 was first used by the Air Force servicemen first in 1962. It was not until six years later it was officially tested in Vietnam as a replacement for the US Marines and Army M14 service rifle. At first it was widely accepted by many soldiers as that ability to control the weapon when it were fully automatic. In Vietnam everyone began to have troubles with it in the mud, the water, the fact that the rifle's chamber naturally got dirtier after it fired round per round even though the servicemen were told it was a "self cleaning rifle". Part of US casualties was from the rifle jamming at untimely events of an ambush or firefight. The M16A1 was a war production improved model. With a bigger cylinder shaped hand guard and less complicated gas block, and a forward assist added to the rifle made the rifle be able to chamber rounds if it did not chamber without sticking fingers inside the small ejection port.

The main problem about the M16 was not the fact it jammed frequently, it was because it is the fastest fully automatic rifle made at 950 Rounds a minute. To correct one mistake from Vietnam was the bullets spent to kill ratio. During Vietnam The M16 would empty a whole 30 round magazine in 5 seconds which was too fast to conserve ammunition, and the fact the soldiers relied on automatic too much and had trouble completing combat patrols without the need for an ammunition drop in otherwise "no fly zones". The M16A2 was the answer to the trigger happy grunt, making three round busts happen with enough stopping power up to ten targets or pulls.

The M16A3 was not really mentioned as the next success. It was the only fully automatic in the 1980's that was only used by the Navy SEALS. If one were to describe it, it was just a fully automatic A2. 

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