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Nogame Takezou's famous manga Third Girls' Fighter (Dai San Hikou Shoujo Tai), the heroic tale of brave (and cute) girls flying outdated 3rd-generation fighters against alien-built drone copies of 5th-generation fighters to save Earth from the misterious "Builders", has given the green light for an anime adaptation! In addition, it was also announced that Seichi Kinoshita, director of Exodus! anime from Musashino Animation, will be the director in this anime.

(Except, funny story, you better don't hold your breath waiting for it, because this manga and series don't exist - it's only the second Shirobako OVA, depicting the fictional anime the Shirobako characters were animating in the second part of the series).

/ak/ wasn't gonna sub this one because MavericSubs was already doing it, but got a very special request to do it. No ofence intended.[]

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