====A word from swiss Momo, main translator and raw scanner of /ak/ scans

The series I'm working on here were always the kind that I personally like and thus want to see translated. Giving the possibility to also enjoy them to many other people is actually enough of a reward for me, but some people have been bugging me to add a donate feature, so:

If you really are set on donating some of your money, then just hit me up on swissguy.upotte [at] and I'll give you the info were to throw your money at (Also feel free to just write me a mail on that address)

There are no funding goals, rewards, commissions or anything. Current monthly cost for me are low at the moment, since I only need to import magazines 2 times a month for the Upotte and GuP more raburabu/Ribbon Warrior raws (not even 5 bucks each + shipping), and other things such as tankobons or Light Novels are distributed throughout the year.

But still,  feel free to give me lots of your money, so that I can buy more guns, ammo and frilly dresses!

Sincerely Swiss Momo, /ak/ scans (P.s.: you suck, and we hate you)====

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