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In Fiction[]


Fara 83 has shoulder length brown hair that is styled with poofy twin tails. She has brown eyes and wears the standard Seishou academy uniform.


Fara 83 is the bunk mate of CETME Modelo L in the dorms. She can not handle scary stories or situations very well, as seen from getting freaked out at the end of T91's scary story and then blowing out the window of a class room after seeing the ghost at the top of said window. She is also not above taking chocolates out of the trash and eating them, although this may be a comment on Argentina's poor economic state.

In Real Life[]


The history of the FARA 83 begins in post Peronist Argentina during the middle of the Cold War. With the popularity of assault rifles booming around the world,and the never ending decade old insurgencies between communists, right wing death squads, and drug cartels in Latin America, the Argentine military seek to modernize its forces to keep up against their Junta led neighbors and to be better equipped due to the increase of terrorism and insurgencies backed by the US and the Soviet Union (despite eventually being part of the CIA's Operation Condor themselves). The development of the FARA 83 begins in 1975, where the Army General Staff of Argentina sent F.M.A.P. DM (Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Domingo Matheu) preliminary requirements for a 5.56 assault rifle under the project name Proyecto Código 10.0187. Design development was given to a team who's leadership responsibilities fell into the hands of firearm designer Enrique Chichizola, who by 1977 had the basic parameters set and with 5 prototypes made 2 years later. Due to a constant shift in requirements for the rifle, it wasn't until 1981 that a design was approved and a preproduction batch of 50 assault rifles (Designated as Fusil de Asalto Argentino 81, FAA 81) would be set for field trials.

The FAA 81 was tested in the following years of 1982 and 1983 by Argentine Army units with emphasis on special units like airborne, mountain and commandos. Due to the collapse of the Argentine Military Junta in 1983 along with yet another shift of specification changes, the FAA 81 was renamed to FARA 83 (Fusil de Asalto República Argentina 83). A couple hundred rifles were manufactured in the mid 1980s prior to being cancelled by the Menem Administration due to lack of funds and thus marking an end to the FARA's shortlived service.


Due to the constant shift in specification demands from the Argentinian military for the rifle, various different prototypes were made with a variety of visual and design differences. To put things into simplicity, the end result specification for the FARA 83 was a gas operated long stroke piston with a 2 lug bolt. Her manufacturing is a two piece stamped receiver with various design influences from the Beretta AR70, the FN FNC, the stamped HK family of G3 rifles, and the Galil. Her barrel was of 17.8in (452mm) in length with a 1:9in twist rate (1:229mm) to accommodate both the 55 grain (3.56g) M193 and the 62 grain (4g) SS109/M855 cartridge that was being developed during that time. The FARA 83 was fed from proprietary steel mags with a 30 round capacity (Visually aesthetic to AR70 magazines) with later designs to be fed from STAGNAG magazines if she were to be adopted for large scale production (Unfortunately, it never happened as she was terminated due to lack of funding).



  • Only deployed in small numbers to special units


Since not even the Argentinean Military can get a hold of these in large numbers it is highly unlikely that you will ever see one, even as a parts kit. Unless Argentina gets their economy together and starts to seriously revamp their military, this rifle wont be seen anywhere else, unfortunately.

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