In FictionEdit

Kanji ふんこ
Rōmaji Funko
Nickname(s) Funco


Seiyū Iori nozimu
Country of Origin Belgium
Classification Assault rifle
Height 238mm
Weight 4,100kg
Length 995mm (stock extended)

775mm (stock folded)

Fire rate Approx. 625-675 rpm
Produced 1979-present
Personal Info

L1A1 SLR(adopted older sister)

FAL-( older sister )

FN CAL( sister )

FN P90 ( cousin )

Affiliations Seisho Academy
Anime Debut Grip and Hold
Manga Debut Chapter 1


Short hair, not very tall. She sometimes makes a complex about her small breast (probably a hint to her slim-lined handguard) but has quite the large buttocks (referral to the generous portion of shoulder padding on stock). Like all of the skeletal stocks rifles in the manga, she wears a thong (this characteristic is discovered by Genkoku in the first chapter and episode and pointed out quite often along the story. A statement to her agility, she wears sport sneakers


Cheerful and easy-going, sometimes a bit naive, has the typical main-character feel: defined personality but not too much, thus leaving room for the reader/viewer impersonation. Has a sisterly love for L1A1 that cares for her in spite of her real older sister FN FAL who is always away fighting some war, and cares really much for her close friends. Has definitively a crush on the Modern Lit teacher  She first meets Modern Lit on the local fair when a heshows up and demonstrates perfect rifle-handling form at the shooting gallery booth. She keeps imagining his big rifle-fondling hands on her, and can't help herself FNC meets up with the human teacher again and he puts his hands on her head, which nearly gives her Uncontrolled fire? Then she shoots him, for the second time. The end!

In Real LifeEdit


The FNC was created during the rise of the 5.56 NATO round in the mid 70's. The same round in which Fabrique National was the only major 5.56 ammuniton manufacturer in Europe.


Belgium's service rifle is the FNC. Sweden's service rifle, the AK5, is a modified FNC.

Indonesia: Purchased 10,000 rifles in 1982. Now made under license as the Pindad SS1

Philippines: used by Private militaries like the royal security force of sulu and rebels in davao and most of the southern parts of mindanao old FNC's[citation needed] and SS1's from the indonesian army smuggled from indonesia to the philippines



FNCs are rather rare in the US; they sell for around $3000. Full-auto capable sears can be purchased for $3000-$4000 and then installed into a semi-auto FNC, making an FNC one of the cheapest fully automatic 5.56 rifles available in the US (full auto M16s or AKs can cost upwards of $10,000).

Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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