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"Gunners is about an alternate history Japan that has lost Hokkaido to the Soviets and been invaded by mysterious assholes armed with big, stonking robots, that kicked Japanese and American ass until the JSDF came up with their own stonking robots. Which they call Merkava for some goddamn reason.

Anyway, it's kind of like Gasaraki only sideways, if it makes any sense."

DL links: (for the first five chapters) (for the translation made by /ak/, also contains raws) (raws + translation, MSPAINT-O-VISION)

"Raws are not clean and the translation is MSPAINT-O-VISION, but hey. And yeah, I know the chapter numbers don't match beyond Volume 1, there was an extra prologue chapter in the serialization that didn't get collected."

(This page needs a serious clean up, and probably reboot at that.)

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