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"Amazing fertility"Fourteen-nee

In Fiction[]


She has dark black hair and darker eyes liker her sisters but instead of long hair like Mid-three or short hair like G41 she has mostly short hair with two long strands coming down to her chest.


G36 is very protective of her family as seen by her blaming herself for not being there to protect G41 and the HK SMGs from PKM (although Wee-Three talks her out of that mentality). She also worries about Empi when the battle of Hakone takes place and she goes to fight PKM.

She is also looked to as a leader for being reliable as during the battle of Hakone she leads Team C consisting of all the polymer guns.

In Real Life[]


Back in the late 70s Germany wanted to replace the G3, which had been in service since 1959, with a newer rifle that would be easier to carry. The Heckler and Koch development team, a team of several companies that was spearheaded by H&K. The research team eventually came up with the G11 rifle that used a strange 4.73mm caseless cartridge.

Since the team of companies was sure that the Bundeswehr was going to adopt the G11 and its new caseless ammunition design they neglected to develop further any 5.56x45mm based rifles and only manufactured export guns like the HK33E and the G41.

When East Germany and West Germany went through the process of reunification into a united Federal Republic of Germany the Bundeswehr decided to completely drop the project due to budget limitations. With the Bundeswehr dropping the G11 project H&K scrambled to have them adopt something and showed them the G41 but unfortunately for H&K the Bundeswehr was uninterested in it.

H&K decided develop a new rifle in 5.56x45mm from the ground up and made the HK50. This rifle was trialed and beat out the rival in the trials, the Styer AUG. With the trials secured, production of the now called G36 began in full in 1996.


The G36 is a lighter rifle because of the material that it is made of, instead of the normal wood and steel combination or all steel type rifles, most of the G36 is made of a carbon fiber reinforced Polyamide. This gives the rifle great strength without the weight of wood or steel (Although the rifle is heavier than an M16).

A folding stock was standard issue with the G36 to shorten the overall length of the rifle for transportation but it could be fired whilst the stock was folded. The G36 also used a different magazine that the standard STANAG magazines that are NATO issue, but can use and adapter to take STANAG magazines. There was also a 3x sight that was standard issue on the Bundeswehr G36 rifles, it was designed for use out to 200m on the crosshairs but could be effective out to 800m.

H&K has produced the following for the G36 so far:

G36E/V - This was the export version of the rifle that was originally made to fulfill the demand for equipping the military of Spain and Latvia. The rifle was mostly the same as the standard G36 except the sight lacked the integrated reflector sight and the bayonet mount was changed to the standard NATO type

MG36 - The Machinengewehr 36 was the heavy barreled version of the G36 meant for a support position. This and the MG36E are no longer made by H&K.

G36K/V - Carbine or Kurtz version of the G36. This variant had a shorter barrel ( 12.5 in versus 19 in) and hand guard, and the barrel could not take either rifle grenades or bayonets. The V version was meant for exportation.

G36C - The Compact version of the G36, this has a shorter barrel the the G36K ( 9 in versus 12.5 in), and has a four-pronged flash hider. The hand guard and stock were shortened as well, and the carry handle was changed for a carry handle with a picatinny rail to mount optics on.

G36A2 - This is mostly a G36 but with more picatinny rails and a detachable red dot scope.

There was some concern that the Polyamide used to make the rifle was causing it to be extremely inaccurate at higher temperatures, and there was even an investigation into it by the German Federal Ministry of Defense. These claims are dubious at best though as the rifles were revealed to not be at fault, but the ammunition was. The Bundeswehr also lost the lawsuit that they had filed against H&K over the rifles.

Even after the rifles had been proven to not be at fault and a dependable service rifle, the Bundeswehr plans to phase the rifle out completely by 2020 and is in the process of trailing its replacement.



  • Special Operations Battalion [ G36C ]


  • Australian Federal Police Specialist Response Group [ G36C ]


  • Antwerp Local Police Special Squad BBT


  • Brazilian Army Special Forces [ G36C;G36K ]
  • Brazilian Federal Police [ G36C;G36K ]


  • Victoria Police Department [ G36 ]


  • Croatian Police Special Units
  • Croatian Armed Forces ( Units in International Ops)

Czech Republic:

  • URNA - National Paramilitary SWAT Unit [ G36C;G36K ]
  • KZJ - Regional SWAT Units [ G36C;G36K ]
  • SPJ - Special Riot Units [ G36C;G36K ]
  • PMJ - Emergency Motorized Units [ G36C;G36K ]


  • Politiets Aktionsstyrke ( Danish SWAT) [ G36C;G36K ]


  • Egyptian Special Forces
  • Select Egyptian Police Forces


  • Estonian Special Operations Force [ G36K ]


  • Finnish Border Guard [ G36C ]
  • Finnish Police [ G36C ]


  • French Army (In conjunction with the FAMAS) [ G36E ]
  • GIGN - Groupes d'Intervention de la Police Nationale [ G36C ]
  • BAC - Brigade Anti-criminalite [ G36C;G36K ]


  • Bundeswehr [ G36A1;G36A2;G36K;G36C ]
  • Bundespolizei


  • Police Special Forces [ G36K;G36C;G36E;G36A ]
  • Central Anti-Crime Division [ G36K;G36C;G36E;G36A ]
  • Special Crisis Unit [ G36K;G36C;G36E;G36A ]
  • Special Operations Department [ G36K;G36C;G36E;G36A ]
  • Coast Guard Anti-piracy Unit [ G36K;G36C;G36E;G36A ]

Hong Kong:

  • Special Duties Unit (Part of Hong Kong Police) [ G36KV ]


  • National Police of Iceland
  • Vikingasveitin

Iraqi Kurdistan:

  • Peshmerga


  • Komando Pasukan Khusus ( Special Forces of the Army) [ G36C ]
  • Detasemen Jala Mangkara (Tactical divers of the Navy) [ G36C;G36V ]


  • NOCS - Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza [ G36C ]


  • Special Forces of the 71st Special Battalion[ G36C ]


  • Kosovo Security Force [ G36V ]


  • Latvian Army [ G36KV ]
  • Latvian National Guard [ G36KV ]


  • Lebanese Armed Forces [ G36C3 ]
  • Internal Security Forces [ G36C3 ]

Libyan Guerrilla Forces:

  • Tripoli Brigade (These were originally Egyptian rifles) [ G36KV;G36E ]


  • Lithuanian Armed Forces [ G36KA4;G36KV1;G36C;G36KA4M1 ]


  • Pasukan Khas Laut (Maratime Counter-terrorism with the Navy) [ G36C;G36E;G36KE ]
  • Pasukan Gerakan Khas (Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Unit with the Police) [ G36C ]


  • Police/Military Forces under united command of the Commissioner of Police [ G36A2;G36K;G36KE ]


  • Mexican Federal Police and other police units


  • Mongolian Armed Forces


  • All Branches of the Military


  • Norwegian Navy Kystjegerkommandoen [ G36KV2 ]


  • Armed Forces of the Philippines [ G36K;G36C ]
  • Presidential Security Group [ G36K; G36C ]


  • BOA/SPAP (Anti-Terrorism Units of the Policja or Police) [ G36V;G36K;G36C ]
  • Biuro Ochrony Rzadu (Goverment Protection Bureau) [ G36C ]
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Formoza (Special Naval Operations for Poland) [ G36KV3;G36C ]


  • Portuguese Army [ G36KV;G36KV3 ]
  • Portuguese Marines
  • Guarda Nacional Republicana (Military Police of Portugal) [ G36C ]
  • Grupo de Operacoes Especiais (Basically Portugal's GIGN)

South Korea:

  • Korea Coast Guard SSAT (Special Sea Attack Team)


  • 1st Special Operations Regiment (Romanian Army) [ G36K;G36C ]

Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Police [ G36E;G36C;G36KE ]
  • Saudi Border Guard [ G36E;G36C;G36KE ]
  • Saudi Special Forces [ G36E;G36C;G36KE ]


  • Special Brigade of the Serbian Army [ G36C ]

Sierra Leone:

  • Sierra Leone Police Force [ G36K ]


  • 5th Special Forces Regiment (Army Counter-Terrorism Unit) [ G36 ]


  • Spanish Armed Forces [ G36E;G36KE;G36CE ]
  • Guardia Civil (Spanish Military Police) [ G36E;G36KE;G36CE ]
  • Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial [ G36E;G36KE;G36CE ]


  • National Task Force [ G36C ]
  • Piketen (Swedish SWAT) [ G36C ]
  • Särskilda Operationsgruppen (Swedish SOG) [ G36K;G36C ]


  • Naresuan 261 Counter-Terrorism Unit (Thai Police) [ G36C;G36K;SL8 ]
  • Royal Thai Army [ G36K;G36KE;G36E;MG36 ]
  • Underwater Demolition Assault Unit [ G36KV ]
  • Royal Thai Marine Corps RECON [ G36C ]

Timor Leste:

  • Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste [ G36K ]

United Kingdom:

  • Civil Nuclear Constabulary [ G36C ]
  • Greater Manchester Police [ G36C ]
  • Norfolk Constabulary [ G36C ]
  • Northumbria Police [ G36C ]
  • Kent Police [ G36C ]
  • Lancashire Constabulary [ G36C ]
  • Nottinghamshire Police
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Specialist Firearms Command (London Metro Special Crimes Division)
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland [ G36K;G36C ]

United States:

  • United States Capitol Police
  • Baltimore City Police Department

United Nations:

  • United Nations Department for Safety and Security [ G36V;G36KV;G36CV;MG36 ]
  • Department of Peacekeeping Operations [ G36V;G36KV;G36CV;MG36 ]


  • Uruguayan Army [ G36;G36K;G36C ]
  • Uruguayan Navy [ G36E;G36V;AG G36 40 mm ]


If you are in Europe then you can purchase the HK243, Heckler & Koch's produced G36 civilian variant, with ease depending on your countries gun laws. However, if you live in the United States that is were is gets much trickier. The HK293 was suppose to be imported (America's HK243) but as of yet it has still no materialized.

There is an option if you live in the States but unfortunately it is quite convoluted. You first need an SL8 rifle as a donor for the project, and these have gone up substantially in price because of the demand for donor rifles. Next you will to do a full conversion including changing the stock, modifying the magazine well, changing the entire rifle housing to match the all black color of the G36, new hand guard, and the carry handle, just to name a few modifications you would have to make. If you don't want to take the time or lack the skill to do these kinds of conversions there are services that will do it for you but they are on the pricey side. After that you can have a working G36, or you can help pressure H&K to finally import the HK293.

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