It's indecent.

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long black hair and an elegant and perfectly balanced figure are the main traits of this queen-like weapon. Being a transfer student, she still wears her old school uniform.


An honor role student that has a respectable rivalry with Sig. Has to take care of her siblings staying at the Academy dorms. Like her ability to fire, she never wastes herself on useless words or actions; sometimes is a bit of a klutz

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The G3 rifle was a product invented by Dr.Ludwig Vorgrimler. The G3 however is but a German modified Spanish CETME B rifle. (Mauser engineers developed the CETME then returned to Germany to found HK) The only reason how the G3 was to be was because the West German Bundesgrenzschutz even so were handed a few CETME rifles, but ordered FAL rifles still wanted the CETME. So they tested the CETME B with the Sig 510, AR-10, and FAL. The CETME would win and be designated as the G3 rifle.

The trouble was that the West German military wanted to produce the new rifle for their own. Unlike the G1 (FAL) rifle, the military wanted the government to buy the production rights from CETME in Spain. The deal to acquire the rights of production were a contract for the supply of 20mm ammo.


West Germany-Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, Norway (AG-3), Sweden (AK 4), South America, Africa, Mid East. South east Asia, Malaysia, Philippines


Roller blowback design is debatable the most accurate gas system (not a gas system at all) to date. It is the first rifle to be in 1:12, the natural twist for the 7.62x51 (.308). The G3 is the base of the SG1 marksmen modification variant, and the base model for the PSG-1, the most accurate and expensive semi automatic rifle in the world of 1972. Effective range with sight adjustments only permits zeroed accuracy up to 400 meters, but the G3 can be mounted with a quick attachable scope and mount to reliably engage targets up to 800 meters.


Civilian version (Clones) and demilitarized originals cost around 2000 Euro. 

The only remaining G3 Civilian manufactures are PTR Industries PTR-91, priced from various models at about $1000-$2200, and century arms still makes their c308, at about $700


Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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