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In Fiction[]


Compared to the other H&K rifle sisters, she has short and dark hair (most likely due to her acceptance of STANAG magazines) similar in style to M16, and wears a bandana across her forehead.


G41 has not had much appearance time within the Upotte!! manga, but it is clear that she takes care of the elementary H&K family members when G3A3 is absent since they all live together, making her a more responsible elder sister figure when compared to someone like HK33E.

In Real Life[]


After the success of the HK33, H&K wanted to make an improved version of their 5.56 design that was more in line with NATO standards so that the logistics would be easier for NATO nation state's military and have hopefully more wide adoption than the HK33/HK33E. From the late 70's H&K worked on this design and in 1981 introduced the H&K Gewehr 41 or HK G41 for short.

This rifle had many departures from the HK33/33E design, so many in fact that there are almost no interchangeable parts between itself and the HK33/33E, not even the slings are compatible. It took many of it's design cues from the M16 rifle of the united states, it has a dust cover similar to the M16 as well as a bolt hold open device like the M16's. Another huge change was the use of STANAG magazines for the G41, this meant that logistically almost all NATO countries would now use the same magazine, cutting on production costs and making in field logistics much simpler for the NATO nations. The G41 used the NATO standard optics mount instead of the claw styled mount that was used by the HK33/E. The final big change was a collapsible carry handle similar to the one on the FN FAL.

The G41 was picked up for testing from several different countries including: The United States, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and West Germany. These production units and later units were produced under license in Enfield, England as H&K had a new contract with them. The US decided against the G41 in favor of the M16A2, which was predictable. Denmark bought a small number of the rifles for their Danish special forces, as well as Spain doing the same for their special police units. Turkey was the only nation to purchase them in a somewhat sizeable quantity for their national police forces. West Germany was actually poised to adopt the HK G41 as the standard service rifle for all of the Bundeswehr, but the sudden reunification of Germany and the budget crisis forced the hands of the Parliament and all orders were cancelled.

After the cancellation of the massive order from the Bundeswher from the budget crisis, Heckler and Koch decided to sell the license for production to an Italian arms manufacturer by the name of Luigi Franchi. Franchi went ahead with production of the rifle under the name of the LF Mod. 641, this was a slightly modified variant of the original LF G41 that Franchi was looking to produce under license from H&K in 1988. The Italian military was seriously considering the LF Mod. 641 as their new NATO standard service rifle for all of the Italian forces but after the Germans cancelled all their orders for the rifle the Italian military opted for the AR 70/90 instead.

As a small footnote, the company Luigi Franchi was owned by Somici, was acquired by Beretta Holding after Somici declared bankruptcy in 1993. So it follows that production rights for the HK G41 is now owned by Beretta Holding who now owns Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, Sako, Tikka and Steiner.


The performance is similar to the HK33E being that it is an accurate rifle rifle that is durable and well received by the troops that use it. The collapsible stock on later versions of the rifle make it a portable rifle even though the rifle is somewhat heavier than a standard issue M16. It's ability to take standard NATO equipment is a huge plus logistically for those that use the rifle. Overall if it wasn't for the budget snafu from German reunification it would have likely been an exceptional service rifle for the Bundeswher.


Denmark [Formerly as the Gevaer M/85]:

  • Frømandskorpset [Danish Frogman Corps]

Italy [Formerly as the LF G41]:

  • COMSUBIN [Italian Special Operations]


  • Unidad Especial de Intervención [Spanish Swat]
  • Grupo Especial de Operaciones [Spain's FBI] (Used the G41TGS)


  • Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı [Turkish National Police]


If you are not part of Spain or Turkey's National police then you are going to have a REALLY hard time getting your hands on a G41. There is not anyone that makes a G41 clone for several reasons, the biggest being that the HK33E and the G41 has almost zero parts compatibility, and the fact that the G41 sold only in small quantities and was removed from the H&K catalog for this reason. So until the Turks and Spanish turn in their G41s for newer rifles and they are made as parts kits we will not have any clones.

There is a different route to possibly making your own but it is very expensive and time consuming. Singular parts are floating around for the G41 but finding them is a huge chore and they command a large premium.

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