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Wii-three has a similar appearance to her eldest sister, G3. Their hair is a similar color brown and they both wear similar uniforms that differ from the Seishou uniforms in the fact they are gray and black in colour with a red ascot and long black pantyhose (in relation to their thick black stock). In fact, they are so similar that at she has been mistaken for G3.

Empi's hair is cut much shorter than G3's however, and she also has a long curl of hair that is used to convey her emotions at times. She is also one of the only girls in the elementary section of Seishou to wear normal panties.


Described as "Stupidly Earnest" by her sister G36, Empi is somewhat headstrong but caring member of the HK sisterhood.

Wii-three has strong leadership skills that make her the de facto leader of Seishou's elementary wing. She has taken the position of the student council president and even defended the position against a large amount of rivals in a very cut throat election. Empi has also taken charge of tough situations and formulated plans quickly, such as facing down PKM in the battle of Hokane showing that she can overcome her fears and step up when others are depending on her.

While displaying fierce leadership, MP5 also shows great compassion for the other students of Seishou, even those that consider themselves her rivals. She makes sure to help other's in there times of need, such as taking care of ATR556 and Uzi during the battle of Hakone.

Even though Empi has these positive qualities, she also has some lesser qualities. Whenever one of her rivals has a plan backfire, like MAT1949's combined maneuver, she can't help but to rub salt in the wound. She is also prideful, saying that the contenders for the student council president can't fulfill the position because they are too unqualified.

Although, these qualities are close to G3s qualities as well and may be why Empi is the favourite sister of G3 and the only one she consistently calls on to spend time with.

In Real Life


Heckler & Koch burst on to the firearms scene with the hugely successful G3 rifle that was adopted for service with the Bundeswher in 1959. After this large success they went on to design several rifles that were based on the roller-delayed blowback design that made the G3 a successful rifle.

After the G3 taking the spot for 7.62x51mm, the next design was for the 7.62x39mm M43 cartridge and would later become the HK-32 rifle that saw little commercial or military purchases. 5.56x45mm would be the next cartridge that would have a design started and eventually become the HK33 that saw adoption in various countries through police and military forces. Finally, the last design was for a 9x19mm Parabellum based firearm and this would go on to become the MP5.

Initially designated as "Project 64" based on the year of 1964 in which the design was started, H&K worked on the firearm until they had a working prototype in 1966 in the HK 54. In the same year this prototype was refined and came into service as the MP5A1 (which had no stock to speak of) with German Polezi, Border Guards and the Bundeswher. While popular with the units it served in, it did not enjoy widespread popularity as it was considered expensive, and over-engineered for its role when compared to the inexpensive and ubiquitous Uzi. The MP5A2 was quickly released with a fixed stock , and after two key incidents in which it was the primary weapon used, became a favourite weapon of military forces the world over

October 13, 1977 became an infamous day as the Lufthansa flight 181 on a flight from Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt, West Germany was hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanding the release of ten members of the communist terrorist organization Red Army Faction (which ironically had the HK MP5A3 over a red star as their insignia). They demanded the release of ten RAF members in exchange for the release of the hostages abroad the plane. This was not only the first mission of the GSG-9 but also the first major operation involving the MP5. After five grueling days of planning, a relocation to Mogadishu, and the execution of the captain, GSG-9 stormed the plane killing three of the terrorist with only two injures. This made the MP5 more popular with some selective services including the SAS which would lead to the major popularization of the MP5 on the world stage.

Operation Nimrod became the hallmark of the MP5 as the darling of the worlds police and military forces. In Spring of 1980, members of the KSA terrorist group took over the Iranian Embassy in London and took 26 hostages. Margaret Thatcher, the then Prime Minister, ordered a siege on the embassy. Operation Nimrod began and the SAS stormed the building with stun grenades and MP5s, killing all but one of the terrorist and only loosing one hostage. While the MP5 had been used in other operations, this one was incredibly publicized with the media even going as far as stating that the weapon used was the MP5. This coverage exploded the MP5 in popularity and police forces, and military forces the world over began to clamor for the gun.

With exploding popularity, the MP5 began to show up in movies and television shows as well as video games, gaining more and more popularity becoming even more ubiquitous than the Uzi was previously as it had become the primary arm of police forces and a staple in military forces across the globe up until the late 2000's in which more specialized weapons were deployed to tackle new threats.

While some forces have moved away from the gun in response to different threats they need to tackle, such as the use of 5.56 carbines by the United States and PDWs by some European Nations, there are still a plethora of nations today that not only use but also manufacture the MP5 under license. Countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Greece, and others all produce their own versions of the MP5 under license with local manufactures.

Having such a large legacy and exposure ensures that the MP5 and it's variants will enjoy a long service life in police and military forces, as well as civilian usage for many years to come.


Units that have had the MP5 as part of it's arsenal declare it to be a reliable, controllable, accurate, and concealable weapons system. With less weight that an Uzi SMG, the MP5 is able to be fielded with more ammunition in a standard load out or be used in lighter load out missions, where speed and concealment are key. It's short size, only 27 inches with the MP5A2, also gives it added portability and maneuverability in close quarters situations.

Having the rugged and reliable roller delayed blowback design from the G3 rifle means that the MP5 is an accurate and reliable firearm as the system helps to reduce recoil impulse and prevent jams from over expanding brass. In fact the two systems are so similar that there is only one part changed between the G3's and MP5's fire control group.

With a free floating barrel and closed bolt, the MP5 has surprisingly exceptional accuracy for a weapon with such a short barrel. Even in full auto or burst fire, the action and free floating barrel keep the MP5 accurate and on target.

Although the MP5 has more than proven it's self time and time again it has begun to show it's age. While modern firearms come with integrated rails for accessories on their hand guards and upper receivers, the MP5 requires an aftermarket hand guard and a claw mount (the original type of mounting system that all roller delayed guns from HK had) adapter for the receiver for mounting optics and other accessories. While this adds extra cost to the MP5, the aftermarket for the MP5 is large and there are a varied amount of accessories for it making it no trouble to find the equipment needed.



  • Republic Guard
  • Special Forces


  • Argentine Army


  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Police Tactical Groups
  • Special Operations Command



  • Bangladesh Army
  • SWAT Police Force
  • Rapid Action Battalion
  • Special Warfare Diving and Salvage


  • "Almaz" Anti-Terror Group
  • KGB Alpha Group


  • Police Units


  • Federal Police Units


  • Royal Brunei Police Force Special Forces




  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Royal Canadian Navy
  • Intervention Group of Sûreté du Québec



  • Chongqing SWAT
  • Guangxi SWAT

Costa Rica:

  • Unidad Especial de Apoyo


  • Antiteroristička jedinica Lučko

Czech Republic:

  • URNA Counter-terrorist group
  • Czech Military Forces

Democratic Republic of Congo


  • Danish Police Special Response Unit
  • Royal Danish Army
  • Royal Danish Navy
  • Royal Danish Air Force

Dominican Republic:

  • Presidential Guard Units


  • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales
  • Grupo de Intervención y Rescate


  • Unit 777

El Salvador



  • Finnish Border Guard
  • Finnish Police
  • Finnish Defense Force


  • Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale
  • French Army


  • Georgian Special Forces
  • Special State Protection Service


  • Bundespolizei
  • Landespolizei
  • Bundeswehr
  • Feldjäger
  • GSG 9



  • Hellenic Police


Hong Kong:

  • Airport Security Unit of Hong Kong
  • Counter Terrorism Response Unit
  • Emergency Unit
  • Small Boat Unit
  • Police Tactical Unit
  • Special Duties Unit
  • CIB Surveillance Support Unit
  • VIP Protection Unit
  • Witness Protection Unit


  • Magyar Honvédség


  • Icelandic Coast Guard
  • Icelandic National Police
  • Víkingasveitin


  • Indian Army
  • Force One of Indian Police Service
  • National Security Guards of Indian Police Service
  • Commando SWAT
  • Special Protection Group


  • Bravo Detachment 90
  • Detachment 88



  • Army Ranger Wing
  • Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Garda Special Detective Unite
  • Garda Emergency Response Unit


  • Carabinieri


  • Jamaican Constabulary Force


  • Special Boarding Unit
  • Special Assault Team
  • Special Security Team
  • Japanese Special Forces Group
  • Japanese Imperial Guard





  • Kenyan Police Forces



  • Marine Commandos


  • Special Police Unit
  • Security Corps


  • Aras
  • Lithuanian Armed Forces


  • Unité Spéciale de la Police


  • Special Operations Regiment of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Special Task Unit of the Macedonian Police


  • Malaysian Army
  • Royal Malaysian Police
  • Royal Malaysian Customs
  • 10 Paratrooper Brigade
  • National Special Operations Force
  • Unit Gempur Marin
  • Trup Tindakan Cepat


  • Armed Forces of Malta



  • Royal Moroccan Army
  • Royal Moroccan Navy
  • Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie


  • Dutch Royal and Diplomatic Security
  • Koninklijke Marechaussee
  • Arrestatieteam

New Zealand:

  • Special Air Service Commandos
  • Special Tactics Group





  • Norwegian Armed Forces
  • Norwegian Police Service


  • Pakistan Army
  • Airport Security Force
  • Personal Security Details


  • Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Special Action Forces


  • Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
  • Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji
  • Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego


  • Grupo de Operações Especiais


South Korea:

  • Republic of Korea Naval Special Warfare Brigade


  • Land Forces Special Operations
  • Brigada Antiteroristă
  • Serviciul Român de Informații


  • FSB Alpha Group

Saudi Arabia



  • Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation
  • Singapore Police Force
  • Gurkha Contingent
  • Police Coast Guard
  • Special Operations Command
  • Special Tactics and Rescue


  • Slovak Police


  • Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Slovenian Police

South Africa:

  • Special Task Force of the South African Police Service


  • Grupo Especial de Operaciones
  • Spanish Army
  • Spanish Navy

Sri Lanka


  • Sudanese Army


  • Swedish Police Forces



  • Royal Thai Police
  • Department of Corrections


  • Turkish Armed Forces
  • General Directorate of Security


  • "Omega" Special Forces Group
  • SBU Alpha Group

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom:

  • United Kingdom Special Forces
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • Metropolitan police Specialist Firearms Officers
  • Authorized Firearms Officers

United States:

  • Secret Service
  • FBI Hostage Rescue Team
  • SWAT Teams


Vatican City:

  • Swiss Guard


  • Cảnh sát Đặc Nhiệm



There are a plethora of MP5 clones within the United States market at the time of writing. Zenith, a Turkish company that is licensing HK tooling, has their Z-5 series that covers clones of the MP5 and MP5K series of SMGs. These are in both pistol (stockless or with brace) and rifle (16 in. barrel) configurations but a form 1 can be filed and an SBR made to closer match an MP5. These retail from 2100-2400 USD MSRP at time of writing.

PTR, which bought tooling from Portugal, has announced their MP5 clone, the 9C PTR 600 and 9CT PTR 601. These are close to the original MP5 series of rifles in all specs and are MSRP at 1900 USD at the time of writing. Omega also has an offering in the OM9 , OM10, and OM40 each signifying a different caliber. These are only offered in a pistol configuration and retail anywhere from 1700-2400 USD.

On the second hand market, you can find HK's actual semi-automatic offering of the MP5 in the HK 94. However, you will pay a significant premium for the privilege of having HK on your firearm as these easily run above the 5000 USD mark.

If you hail from the frozen wastes of canukland, be prepared for disappointment, as the MP5 and any variant thereof is classified as a prohibited firearm under Prohibition Order No. 13, and unless you have a special license you are not allowed to own one.

Swiss gun owners can actually pick up HK MP5 variants from their local gun stores for around 2500 CHF, including HK SP5K and some other clones of the MP5 firearm.

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