Also know as Assault Girls After School, this series is another cute girls doing cute things while operating operationally inna operation (WW2-style). Also, it's somewhat an isekai, but not? We'll see how this progresses...

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  • pixiv (lacks behind on chapters)
  • Comic-Meteor (most up-to-date with the chapters)
  • Swiss bought the first & second volume as High Quality RAWs


  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2: (Cleaned: 37/37) (TL: 37/37)
  • Chapter 3: (cleaned: 29/29) many thanks to Tanuki (TL:29/29)
  • Chapter 4: (cleaned:29/29) (TL:29/29)
  • Chapter 5: (cleaned:43/45) (TL:45/45)
  • Chapter 6: (cleaned: 42/42 (dropped sfx redraw to save time)) (TL:20/42)
  • Chapter 7: (cleaned: 37/37 (dropped sfx redraw to save time)) (TL:0/37)
  • Chapter 8 - 20: N/A

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  • Raws: Swiss_momo
  • Translation: Opper-pax
  • Cleaning & Redraw: Sezepperd, solo queue pixy(some times) & Opper-pax. (still looking for some one extra)
  • Typeset: Opper-pax
  • Proofread: elitetwo, Lardagus and the rest of /k/
  • Retired: Tanuki

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