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Chapter 1 Link
Daily lives of assault rifles
Chapter 2 Link
Fun times with battle rifles
Chapter 3 Link
SMG rivalries
Chapter 4 Link
Beware of dogs (and terrorists)
Chaper 5 Link
Life in the dorms
Chapter 6 Link
Bath time for SMGs
Chapter 7 Link
A duel between TMP and MP5
Chapter 8 Link
The duel is called off on account of lesbians
Chapter 9 Link
Due to numbering changes, there is no chapter 9
Chapter 10 Link
A war over bread?
Chapter 11 Link
The war escalates
Chapter 12 Link
Turns out having a war over bread was even dumber than you thought it was
Chapter 13 Link
Battle rifles, unexpected yuri developments
Chapter 14 Link
G3 discovered the consequences of her little experiment
Chapter 15 Link
Chapter 16 Link
Chapter 17 Link
Chapter 18 Link
Chapter 19 Link
Chapter 20 Link
Chapter 21 Link
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