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The grenade spigot attached to the muzzle

That feel when you get head shot by top heavy loli

The Serbian girl her self.

In Fiction[]


M70B1 has dark blue hair that is cut short, with what appear to be standard cat ears. Her eyes and tail match her hair in colour as well. She wears the standard Akaganekou uniform with two strips, denoting that she is a variant of the AK platform of Non-Russian origin. Interestingly enough, she has a slight appearance change from a standard M70 B1 in her rifle form as instead of a standard slant break she has a standard issue grenade launching spigot muzzle device.


Although she has not had much appearance time in the manga there are bits of her personality that can be inferred. She seems to be more serious about defeating Seishou than some of her contemporaries, like Saiga. She also seems to be fiercely loyal to Akaganekou and will carry out the orders of her superiors without question, as seen from her following AK-74 and AKMs plans without a word. Unfortunately for the dear M70 B1 she seems to be the Serbian Princess of getting shot in the face. The first time this happened was at the battle of Atami when she was helping pin down Modern Lit and FNC and was hit in the face from a round from G3A3. The most recent event was her catching a full magazine in the teeth from Ingram MAC-10.

In Real Life[]


In 1959, after years of production of the SKS, the then Yugoslavian arms manufacture Zastava began working on an AK variant for standard issue service for the Yugoslavian military. The first iteration released was the Zastava M64. This rifle had many key differences from the standard milled AK-47 from which the M64 was reverse engineered from. The M64 had a rubber butt plate at the end of the butt stock, a barrel length of 19.7in versus the AK-47's 16.3in, a finger grooved plastic pistol grip, a 20 round magazine instead of the 30 round magazine standard with the 47, and a weight of 8.6lbs instead of 7.7lbs with the 47. Although this rifle was tested in limit quantities it never saw full military service.

After many test with the M64 and its failure to be adopted as the military service rifle of Yugoslavia, Zastava went back to development on another version of the rifle. This rifle dubbed the AP M70 and AP M70 A (this was the under-folding stock version) was much closer to the original AK-47 with milled receivers, same barrel lengths and use of the 30 round magazines. The only major differences in the two rifles at this point was the use of a rubber butt pad and the lack of a chrome lined barrel for the M70. This rifle was adopted at the standard issue rifle of the Yugoslav People's Army in 1970.

However, even before large batches of the M70 and M70 A were produced Zastava ran into the same issues that the Russian arms factories did with the AK-47. The rifles were deemed not cost-effective and a few features were changed to make them cheaper to produce. The internal bolt hold open was removed from the rifle and the threaded barrel was axed in favor of a pressed and pinned barrel much like an AKM, but these rifles still had a milled receiver. After these changes were made they were dubbed the AP M70 B (fixed stock) and the the AP M70 AB (folding stock version).

A small number of M70 B and M70 AB rifles were produced before more changes were made to the rifles to further cut down on costs. This time the milled receiver was replaced with a 1mm thick stamped steel receiver and added a slanted muzzle break, much like the Russian AKM have. The last change was a firing rate reducer being added to the trigger group. These models were dubbed the AP M70B1 (fixed stock) and AP M70AB1 (folding stock).

Again, only a small number of these were produced before the final changes were made to the rifle. These changes were an RPK style 1.5MM stamped receiver with RPK style trunnion for better grenade launching. These models were known as the AP M70 B2 (fixed stock) and AP M70 AB2 (folding stock). These were widely produced and used by the Yugoslav peoples army as well as other nations around the world.

There is a final version developed much later known as the M70 B3 (fixed stock) and M70 AB3 (folding stock) with the key difference being the removal of the gas shut off and rifle grenade sights in favor of a BGP 40mm underslung grenade launcher.


Generally the performance for specifically the M70 B1 is on par with the AKM albeit it will be a little more accurate since the barrel is not chrome lined, and a little less durable for the same reason. Later versions, like the M70 B3, that use an RPK style receiver and trunnion will be very durable since the thicker walls on the receiver will be less susceptible to wear and tear compared to an AKM or M70 B1, however the pluses and minuses of having a non-chrome lined barrel are still present.


  • Angola
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Central African Republic
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Macedonia
  • Mali
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Yugoslavia [Before it broke apart]


If you want an M70 and don't care which version of the M70 line you get you can pick up any of the PAP M70 series of rifles for under 700 and call it a day. However if you were looking to make an exact clone of M70B1 as she is in Upotte!! then you will need to specifically get an N-PAP M70 (Gen 2) as that has the 1mm thick receiver, AKM style trunnion, and AKM style side rail. These Gen 2 rifles will set you back about 600-800 USD depending on location at the time of writing. The only thing left to get would be a grenade spigot for the muzzle, which can be found at various parts places for under 20 USD at time of writing. Also it is entirely safe to fire the rifle with the grenade spigot device attached to the muzzle so you can have the full M70 B1 look and shoot it as well.

M70 in real life.

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