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Modern Lit


Kanji 現国 
Rōmaji  Genkoku

Modern Lit


Takayuki Kondo

David Matranga(English)

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John M Browning(Ancestor)




Affiliations Seisho Academy
Anime Debut Grip and Hold
Manga Debut Chapter 1

M16 and Funko in Modern lits delusions


Modern lit is quite popular!

Gengoku is one of the main characters and second introduced person in Upotte who encounters FNC in a festival. As a Japanese literature teacher in Seishou Academy, he has became popular among the school for being a male human. It seems like he acts as a de-facto homeroom teacher and class coordinator for the Middle School (Assault Rifles) section.

Gengoku learns that Seishou Academy is a school where the students are guns. In episode 1 of Upotte, he is shown handling a cork rifle like a assault rifle suggesting he may have a significant past.

In the latest chapters it is revealed that Gengoku belongs to the world-famous Browning family, and that probably explains why he is used to handle weapons on an instinctive level.

Skills And Abilities Edit

He is Able to hold an assault rifle like an expert, and has good chalk throwing skills, he could be a former Soldier in the past or being a descendant of browning had him undergo some training with firearms.

also able to recognize the voices of all his students like a special ops guy according to FNC.

he can recognize the smell of powders and gun oil either he got used to it by being a teacher or was already knowledgeable about it before he came to seisho is not known.

Personality Edit

Gengoku is a calm and laid back person when it comes to most things.But his attitude changes drastically when interacting with people.

However, we do not know Gengoku very well, therefore making him a mysterious character: of where he learned to hold an assault rifle and his motives.

Relationships Edit

AK47-  Their relationship is presently unknown, but appears to be strictly business. She initiated the capture of Gengoku as a "successor" of sorts due to him being a descendant of John Browning.

During his eventual capture by Red Steel High, it is revealed that Gengoku has had some sort of connection with AK47 in the past, which may be a nod to the AK47 selector lever being inspired by the selector lever of the Remington Model 8 rifle designed by John Browning. He was unaware that she was a rifle at the time.

FNC - FNC was the first of the girls that he encountered, at a town festival. After witnessing Gengoku's firing stance at a cork gun gallery, she was instantly infatuated with him. She shows obvious signs of jealously when other guns show affection towards him, such as SAR-21 and AR 70/90.

Later, FNC was the first to take action during the capture of Gengoku by the Akagnekou Academy, as she rushed off to rescue him without any word to her friends.

As for Gengoku, his relationship with FNC went off with a rocky start, with her unloading her magazine off at him for unintentionally calling her "T-Back Girl" during his first arrival in Seishou Academy due to an unfortunate breeze that blew her skirt the day before. He attempts to maintain a professional teacher/student relationship with her.

Gengoku, as frustrated he gets from FNC and her friend's antics, appears to hold a special soft spot for FNC. Always supportive, he holds genuine concern for her and is later hinted of developing deeper feelings for FNC, especially during his rescue.

FNC's affections and the almost natural bond between them are probably a nod towards the licensing agreement between Browning and FN Herstal.

SAR-21- SAR was first seen alongside Gengoku in Enoshima, when he was patching up RPK and M70b1. Visually flustered and shy around him, SAR admitted that ever since the Enoshima incident, she had fallen in love with him. Like with FNC, Gengoku tries to maintain a teacher/student relationship and her affections are mostly one-sided.

M16A4 - Sees him as a strict and noisy party-pooper but still cares for him.She also often teases her human teacher about firing her and FNC, she may or may not harbor anything special.

L85A2 - So far it seems like quite a purely scholastical relationship.

SIG SG550 - Given Gengoku's closeness to Funko she is quite jealous of him. Also, knowing his real name has made her somewhat suspicious around him...?

M1928A1 (Thompson)- Fellow colleague, sometimes a bit of a guidance for him. Gengoku often gets confused with Thompson's air-headed personality, but maintains a professional relationship. 

M1 Garand - Colleague in charge of field training; acts as a guidance in several occasions.

M1903 - Headmaster of the school, just seen on a professional level.

FG42 (Fujiko)- Fellow colleague, sometimes a bit of a guidance. Despite her sternness, Gengoku gets along with her well.

After his capture and revelation of his identity, Fujiko gets rather flustered and exasperated at the news. She was even reduced to a stuttering mess until Thompson Sensei knocked her out. 

Also seems to have a crush on him and confirmed? in the sisters manga when she cried when after having a misunderstanding about his relationship with his students. 

RPK - Temporary personal meido cat girl nuff said. 

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