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Otto Carius - Doromamire no tora (Mud-covered Tigers)

A 1999 historical comic about based WWII German tank ace Otto Carius made by famous japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Just in case you thought he only made kids' stuff. Miyazaki's manga concerns the exploits of Carius in Estonia during his fight against the advancing Soviet army. All of the characters appear as pigs.

Heavily based upon Carius' own Tiger im Schlamm book, but Miyazaki also did interview Otto Carius and traveled to Estonia for aditional research.

Chapter 6 remained untranslated and lost for 14 long years until raws were found; /ak/ quickly typeset it using Tom Wilkes' TL script (site now defunct).

In loving memory. Oberleutnant (Retired) Otto Carius (27 May 1922 – 24 January 2015)

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