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Classic /ak/ series: Edit


Upotte: Ongoing normally

  • Main series: Ongoing - Ch. 101 v1 (released 2020-Nov-20) - Ch. 102: WIP 🆕🎉
  • Nano: Publication resumed but very, very infrequent - Up to date - Chapter 27 (released 2015-02-02)
  • Upotte SISTERS!! - Ongoing. Chapters 1-2 in progress, chapter 0 and 3 done (released 2017-12-09)

Girls und Panzer (Manga): varying

  • Little Army 2: Hiatus - Chapter 12 [END] (released 5/01/18) - Chapter 12.5 [Extra]: waiting for scripts (still)
  • More Raburabu: Ongoing normally - Chapter 59 (released 10/10/2020) - Chapter 60: In progress 🆕🎉
  • Ribbon Warrior: Ongoing normally - Chapter 56 (released 9/2/2020) - Chapter 57: In progress
  • Saga of Pravda: Ongoing normally - Ch. 14 (9/11/2020) - Ch. 15-15.5: In production
  • Fir Tree: Ongoing normally - Chapter 5 (8/6/2020) - Chapter 6: In production
  • Avanti! Anzio Girls' High School - Chapter X (xx/xx/xx) - Chapter 1: In production
  • Keizoku Cooking - Chapter X (xx/xx/xx) - Chapter 1: In production

Girls und Panzer (Anime): varying

  • Yukari's Tank Corner (YTC): Up to #8 remastered, #9 in progress (uploads TBA)
  • Das Finale OVA 2: Released Ver. 2 on (2020-03-06), OVA 3: TBA

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikou-tai: varying

Toudoku ni Ita: Ongoing - Ch. 2 (2020/04/12) - Ch. 3: In production

Assault Girls After School: Ongoing - Chapter 6 (released 12/26/19) - Chapter 7: In production (on temp hiatus)

Shidenkai no Maki: Ongoing - up to Chapter 10 (released 9/10/2020) - Chapter 11: In production

Groundless: Ongoing - Up to Chapter 22 (released 7/28/2020) - Chapter 23: In production (TL/cleaning)

Yuusha to Maou no Konpaku Rekitei (Extasis) - Ongoing - Chapter 3 (released 2020-03-31) Ch.4 WIP

Cat Shit One '80: Ongoing - Chapter 18 (12/26/19) - Chapter 19 and beyond: In progress

Maris Stella of Doomsday: Ongoing very, very, very slowly - up to Chapter 11 (released 2018-07-24)

Tokyo Kari-niku Teppou-tai: Hiatus - up to Chapter 1 (Released 2017-12-31)

Sailor-fuku to juusensha: Stalled - up to V6 Chapter 25.5 (released 2019-04-20), awaiting raws...

Flight School: Ongoing (by Cryostasis Scans, part of /ak/ scans) - up to Chapter 59 (released 1/29/2019)

Armored Highschool: Ongoing (by Cryostasis Scans, part of /ak/ scans) - up to Chapter 8 (released 6/24/2015)

Trench Flowers: Hiatus- up to Chapter 11 (released 2017/05/11)

Etten no Sora: Hiatus - up to Chapter 1 (released 2016/02/09)

Salty Road: Hiatus - up to Chapter 1 (released 7/5/16) - Chapter 2: In production (hiatus)

Sora No Woto (So Ra No Wa To): Ongoing - Up to Chapter 12 (released 03/31/2020)

Cleopatra and the Iron Cross [w/ Semi-Hemi-Demi Scans] - Chapter 2 (8/26/2020) - Chapter 3: In progress 🆕🎉

Battleship Girl: On Hiatus


Girls und Panzer (Manga): Completed

  • Girls und Panzer (Main series): Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Little Army: Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Fierce Fight! It's the Maginot Battle! : Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Phase Erika: Completed

Girls und Panzer (Doujinshi):

  • GIRLS und PANZER - The World As Seen By A Boko: One-shot Completed

Girls und Panzer (Anime): varying

  • Main series (ep. 1 - 12): Completed
  • Main series OVAs: Completed
  • Der Film: Completed
  • Der Film OVA: Completed
  • Das Finale OVA 1: Completed

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

  • Piña's knightly order: Completed

Otto Carius-Doromamire no tora: Completed

Kurogane - Pukapuka-tai: Completed (finished 8/19/2020)

Recruit Sophie: Completed (released 29/12/2016)

Rapid Fire: Completed (released 1/17/17)

Dropped / Stalled / No staff available

Girls und Panzer (Manga)

  • Comic Anthology: Dropped

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

  • Main series: Ongoing normally - Chapter 75 - Released on 01/08/18 or 08/01/2018
  • 4-koma: Dropped - No translator - 4 chapters out of 5 are translated and typeset.
  • Starry Heavens: Dropped - No staff/interest

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Dropped - Licensed, other groups have taken over

Youjo Senki: Dropped - Another group took over project

Gunners: Raws only - No staff

Kolkka the Icewind (Light Novel): Raws only - No staff

Marginal Operation: Dropped - Taken over by LOLscans. NEET Translations is doing the LN.

Other Series: Edit

All of the below series are not done by or monitored by /ak/ scanlations whatsoever. Links may direct you to current sources or information, but will not be maintained for accuracy.

Note: These projects do not have ETAs and are not in coordination with the Classic series editors, so please don't ask about it. They will be done when they are done, so check each page individually for each project's status.


World Customize Creator: Ongoing normally

Tsoyokute! New Saga: Ongoing normally

Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki: Ongoing normally

Shiro no kōkoku monogatari/White Kingdom: Ongoing normally

The New Gate: Ongoing

The Suffering of Local Knight Hans: Ongoing normally

Moon-led Journey Across Another World: Ongoing normally

The Mage Will Master Magic Efficiently In His Second Life: Ongoing normally

The Reincarnated One Doesn't Want to Cheat: On hiatus (until sometime in Summer)

Isekai Tensei Soudouki: Ongoing normally


Craft Girl: Completed

TransStar: One-shot, completed

A Demotion Isn't That Bad: Completed

Dai-3 Hikou Shoujotai - Third Girls Fighter Wing (OVA): One-shot, completed.

Hero BBS: Completed

MeiCom: Completed

Eh? It's ordinary??: Completed

Spirit Migration: Completed

Dropped / Stalled / No staff available

Re:Monster: Dropped - Taken over by abandoned kitten scans

To aru Ossan: Dropped - No translator

OverLord: Dropped - Taken over by some redditors

Release schedule of raws Edit

Out of date section - Reorganization in progress

An overview of the release schedule for the current month. (Listed are only ongoing series where TL is mostly up to date.)

Green = web manga

Blue = magazine release, so raws take ~5 days to become available

Breaks in release:

  • Ore to Kawazu-san: on hiatus for an undefined time because of various reasons

Next Kurogane chapter raws: September

Next Trench Flowers chapter raws: October

Staff Notice: For the "Updated" symbols, please keep them up for at least one (1) week before removing/editing them.

Fast F.A.QEdit

Q-1: When will the next chapter of series " x " be released?

A-1: Once translation and typesetting are finished

Q-2: Is there any specific date/hour for new chapters to be released?

A-2: No, it's done when it is done.

Q-3: There's a project, but it doesn't have a translator/typ'esetter yet, can I do the translating/typesetting?

A-3: Yeah, feel free to do so, come on our Discord and talk with us! :D

Q-4: Can you scan/translate "x, y, z"?

A-4: If it's /ak/ related and you or someone is willing to work on it, then we don't see a reason to just say "no", but remember that we do this as volunteer work, so remember that beggars can't be choosers.

Q-5: Where is "x, y, z"?

A-5: If it's not listed in any of the pages, it's a good bet that we don't know it nor have it.

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