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Status:[edit | edit source]

Classic /ak/ Series


Upotte: Ongoing normally

  • Main series: Ongoing - Ch. 102 v1 (released 2021-Feb-15) - Ch. 103: WIP 🆕🎉
  • Nano: Publication resumed but very, very infrequent - Up to date - Chapter 27 (released 2015-02-02)
  • Upotte SISTERS!! - Ongoing. Chapters 1-2 in progress, chapter 0 and 3 done (released 2017-12-09)

Girls und Panzer (Manga): varying

  • Little Army 2: Hiatus - Chapter 12 [END] (released 5/01/18) - Chapter 12.5 [Extra]: waiting for scripts (still)
  • More Raburabu: Ongoing normally - Chapter 59 (released 10/10/2020) - Chapter 60: In progress 🆕🎉
  • Ribbon Warrior: Ongoing normally - Chapter 56 (released 9/2/2020) - Chapter 57: In progress
  • Saga of Pravda: Ongoing normally - Ch. 14 (9/11/2020) - Ch. 15-15.5: In production
  • Fir Tree: Ongoing normally - Chapter 5 (8/6/2020) - Chapter 6: In production
  • Avanti! Anzio Girls' High School - Chapter X (xx/xx/xx) - Chapter 1: In production
  • Keizoku Cooking - Chapter X (xx/xx/xx) - Chapter 1: In production

Girls und Panzer (Anime): varying

  • Yukari's Tank Corner (YTC): Up to #8 remastered, #9 in progress (uploads TBA)
  • Das Finale OVA 2: Released Ver. 2 on (2020-03-06), OVA 3: TBA

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikou-tai: varying

Toudoku ni Ita: Ongoing - Ch. 2 (2020/04/12) - Ch. 3: In production

Assault Girls After School: Ongoing - Chapter 6 (released 12/26/19) - Chapter 7: In production (on temp hiatus)

Shidenkai no Maki: Ongoing - up to Chapter 10 (released 9/10/2020) - Chapter 11: In production

Groundless: Ongoing - Up to Chapter 24 (released 2/16/2021) - Chapter 25: In production (TL/cleaning)

Yuusha to Maou no Konpaku Rekitei (Extasis) - Ongoing - Chapter 3 (released 2020-03-31) Ch.4 WIP

Cat Shit One '80: Ongoing - Chapter 18 (12/26/19) - Chapter 19 and beyond: In progress

Maris Stella of Doomsday: Ongoing very, very, very slowly - up to Chapter 11 (released 2018-07-24)

Tokyo Kari-niku Teppou-tai: Hiatus - up to Chapter 1 (Released 2017-12-31)

Sailor-fuku to juusensha: Stalled - up to V6 Chapter 25.5 (released 2019-04-20), awaiting raws...

Flight School: Ongoing (by Cryostasis Scans, part of /ak/ scans) - up to Chapter 59 (released 1/29/2019)

Armored Highschool: Ongoing (by Cryostasis Scans, part of /ak/ scans) - up to Chapter 8 (released 6/24/2015)

Trench Flowers: Hiatus- up to Chapter 11 (released 2017/05/11)

Etten no Sora: Ongoing - up to Chapter 2 (released 2021/02/16) - Chapter 3: In production

Salty Road: Hiatus - up to Chapter 1 (released 7/5/16) - Chapter 2: In production (hiatus)

Cleopatra and the Iron Cross [w/ Semi-Hemi-Demi Scans] - Chapter 2 (8/26/2020) - Chapter 3: In progress 🆕🎉

Battleship Girl: On Hiatus


Girls und Panzer (Manga): Completed

  • Girls und Panzer (Main series): Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Little Army: Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Fierce Fight! It's the Maginot Battle! : Completed
  • Girls und Panzer: Phase Erika: Completed

Girls und Panzer (Doujinshi):

  • GIRLS und PANZER - The World As Seen By A Boko: One-shot Completed

Girls und Panzer (Anime): varying

  • Main series (ep. 1 - 12): Completed
  • Main series OVAs: Completed
  • Der Film: Completed
  • Der Film OVA: Completed
  • Das Finale OVA 1: Completed

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

  • Piña's knightly order: Completed

Otto Carius-Doromamire no tora: Completed

Kurogane - Pukapuka-tai: Completed (finished 8/19/2020)

Recruit Sophie: Completed (released 29/12/2016)

Rapid Fire: Completed (released 1/17/17)

Sora No Woto (So Ra No Wa To): Completed - (released 01/27/2021)

Dropped / Stalled / No staff available

Girls und Panzer (Manga)

  • Comic Anthology: Dropped

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

  • Main series: Ongoing normally - Chapter 75 - Released on 01/08/18 or 08/01/2018
  • 4-koma: Dropped - No translator - 4 chapters out of 5 are translated and typeset.
  • Starry Heavens: Dropped - No staff/interest

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Dropped - Licensed, other groups have taken over

Youjo Senki: Dropped - Another group took over project

Gunners: Raws only - No staff

Kolkka the Icewind (Light Novel): Raws only - No staff

Marginal Operation: Dropped - Taken over by LOLscans. NEET Translations is doing the LN.

Release schedule of raws[edit | edit source]

Out of date section - Reorganization in progress

Fast F.A.Q[edit | edit source]

Q-1: When will the next chapter of series " x " be released?

A-1: Once translation and typesetting are finished

Q-2: Is there any specific date/hour for new chapters to be released?

A-2: No, it's done when it is done.

Q-3: There's a project, but it doesn't have a translator/typesetter yet, can I do the translating/typesetting?

A-3: Yeah, feel free to do so, come on our Discord and talk with us! :D

Q-4: Can you scan/translate "x, y, z"?

A-4: If it's /ak/ related and you or someone is willing to work on it, then we don't see a reason to just say "no", but remember that we do this as volunteer work, so remember that beggars can't be choosers.

Q-5: Where is "x, y, z"?

A-5: If it's not listed in any of the pages, it's a good bet that we don't know it nor have it.

Q-6: I am a good cleaner/typesetter/translator. Where can I apply?

A-6: Please join the /ak/ Scans Discord Server and contact Lardagus. He is in charge of HR.

The /ak/ translation project
Classic /ak/ Series Ongoing
Dropped / Stalled / No staff available

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