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A Singaporean Bullpup rifle attending at Seishou academy, an extra character that actually became sort of a sub plot point.

Has a crush on Genkoku. Probably got rejected.

In Fiction[]


Like AUG, she wears glasses to represent her built in optics.

In the manga her facial features and haircut are almost identical to M16, mainly because many features of the rifle itself were inspired by the M16.


Much like the SR 88A, not much is known. Heck, who expected her to actually have a role in the story. Alright so lets just crack it down to the basic facts. She's obviously straight since she has a crush on Genkoku. Leading up to the joint exercise between the high school and middle school, she has relatively been quiet. However once she becomes determined, she becomes the textbook Singaporean definition of 'Kiasu', not wanting to lose out to FNC.

sar and Genkoku

She is always seen with SAR-21 and being they are both guns from the same country and same company (CIS, which is now STKinetics) they more than likely share a close relationship.

SAR during the Atami ARC

In Real Life[]


Since the mid-1980s, the Singaporean Armed Forces (SAF) had an outstanding requirement to replace their M16S1s which had been in use since 1973. A proposal was submitted to MINDEF suggesting that they acquire newer weapons such as the M16A2 or to develop an indigenous rifle.

MINDEF officials, after consultations with the SAF, decided against buying something new as it would require soldiers to adjust to the new weapon, choosing instead to develop a weapon, designed and made specifically for the soldiers of the SAF. It was also gradually becoming more expensive to maintain the M16S1s in service (heh, a high maintenance girl) which made it much more justifiable to develop a low-maintenance weapon.

Since then the SAR21 has been in service with the SAF, having gone through thousands of soldiers and suffering much abuse like all rifles adopted by conscript armies. In fact it is a pretty good chance that the rifle a fresh conscript might get is the same one that their father fired before them.


The SAR 21 is made of a rugged, high impact polymer, most of the manufacturing is done utilising CNC machines, with ultrasonic welding for the steel-reinforced receiver halves and the gun barrel being cold hammer forged. 

It uses a modified Stoner operating system, boasting higher reliability and lower recoil.

The rifle incorporates various patented safety features, such as a Kevlar cheek plate and overpressure vent that protects the shooter in the event you somehow cause a chamber explosion or failure before proceeding to your encik telling your whole lot to knock it down. It also has an integral 1.5x optical scope that is built into its carrying handle much like earlier versions of the AUG, even sharing a similar retical(A 3.0x version is also available for DMR purposes). The scope aids in target acquisition, particularly under low light conditions. The scope is factory-zeroed, and requires minimal further zeroing to suit different users so you are pretty much good to go.

The SAR 21 is also the first production assault rifle of its class to incorporate a built-in LAD as standard. It has a 5 position switch which can emit a visible beam at high or low, The SAR is a Right handed weapon only left, handed users have to be trained to use the SAR  with their right hand.

Externally, the SAR 21 along with the Israeli IMI Tavor TAR-21 and the South African Vektor-CR 21 (all minus the foregrip) as with most other bullpup designs bears only a superficial appearance/resemblance to the Austrian Steyr AUG


The rifle itself incorporates a few features taken from other firearms. It's bolt locks open much like an M16 when the magazine is empty. It uses an AK-style lever for it's mag release and it also features a safety selector similar to that of the FN MAG.

Overall, the SAR 21 is a pretty underrated and misunderstood rifle. It's great at doing it's job. As a rifle designed where the main concern of its soldiers is when they get out, it's rugged design and extremely easy to use so your regular autist conscript can use it, accurate and pretty reliable. Hell it is pretty easy to strip down too. As the rifle was designed to meet the needs of the Singaporean military, it accommodates for everyone from reservists to professionals. It's low recoil is also a huge plus, which is due to the long travel time of the bullet.

Many often compare the SAR 21 to it's predecessor, the M16S1 of which flaws the SAR 21 was designed to correct. The M16S1 used iron sights and was not as optimized for the asian soldier. The rifle itself was longer and not as balanced as the SAR 21 which was aggreavated by the addition of a laser, Plus you don't have to zero the SAR 21s optic too much, saving a lot of training time considering how long it takes to zero a rifle. The SAR 21 can also mount a 'Round Corner Firing Device' much like the Cornershot device.

Of course, the SAR 21 has it's own fair share of complaints. It may not look like it but it weighs around 4kg and God help the man who is assigned the M203 variant. It might seem ok at first but after a 16 KM route march you might feel slightly different. However if you look at it from another perspective, it already comes with an optic and LAD plus a kevlar plate so it's kinda acceptable. It's optic is often compared to fancier shit like the ACOG or the red dot but considering it was built to fight in jungles where contacts are usually within 100m it's alright. It's iron sights aren't that great though, like all bullpup rifles. The SAR 21's low rate of fire of 450-650 RPM is often criticized for too being to slow. Actually it's low rate of fire makes it pretty controllable so if you want to do a little burst fire or go full autist with full auto. All of this can be rebutted, the worst part of the SAR 21 is it's trigger. It's long and mushy and makes it hard to fire controlled pairs or single fire.

A major selling point of the rifle is that it's idiot proof. Like there are captive pins to make sure small parts and fall out and there's even a Kevlar plate to protect from Chamber explosions.

In conclusion, for a rifle designed in the 1990s, it's still doing a pretty great job.


The SAR 21 has actually quite a few users around the world.

  • Brunei - Royal Brunei Armed Forces.
  • Indonesia - Indonesian Air Force, Used by Korps Pasukan Khas special forces unit.
  • Morocco
  • Peru - Special forces
  • Singapore - Singapore Armed Forces
  • Thailand - Special forces
  • Sri Lanka - Used by Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment 


The "we hate the civillian market" has been a competition that has lasted as long as time itself. While many consider HK to be the top dog, ST Kinetics takes it to a whole new level by completely ignoring the civilian market. If you are in the US, a few were brought in for testing by law enforcement agencies. That did not turn out too well. Plus since the rifle was designed for use by Conscripts, it didn't do too well in the civilian market considering it uses a proprietary mag, unless they sent a couple of variants with AR mag adapters. If you do have a whole bunch of cash you wanna get rid of instead of bubbaing your Mosin or SKS even furtherand you can actually find one for sale, go ahead. Contacting ST Kinetics or their US Subsidary VT Systems is one option but the chances of a response are pretty slim.

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