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A Swiss assault rifle attending the middle-school of Seisho academy. One of the four main characters in both manga and anime. Also a member of the T-back alliance implied but never shown (at least not yet)

Dem legs. Cover picture of Vol.3

In Fiction[]


Black hair and blue eyes. At first her hair was shoulder long and tied up in a bun covered by white fabric. After her bun got shot off by Sako, she wore her now short hair open with two purple hair-clips on each side. Upotte Nano chapter 12 indicates that she grew it back during her absence/repair after the Atami incident.


A honour student from a wealthy family that exceeds at both sports and studies. Her long-range shooting skills are able to compete with the high-schoolers/battle rifles. She clearly states her likes and dislikes an is, especially after loosing her hair-bun, quite spontaneous. Seems to admire G3-senpai and shows affection toward Funko, even more so in the anime.

In Real Life[]



Brazilian Air Force.


The Sig 550 is one of few rifles that can work durig below freezing tempitures. When used with it's own domestic swiss ammuntion, it can be a formitable marksmen rifle.


Quality has its price. SIG/Swiss Arms produces semi-automatic versions for all variants of the SG55x rifle series.

In Switzerland: A new rifle costs between 2600 and 3000 Swiss Francs, (which is in actually in the same price-range as most other .223/5,56x45mm rifles on the Swiss market) while used privatised ones (former military ones with the full-auto feature removed) are about 1500 Swiss Francs.

In USA: Only a few rifles were imported before the AWB, so they're an expensive collectors item. SIG Exeter offers a domestic variant, the SG556, but it doesn't reach the quality of the Swiss original. (Like most domestic versions of European Firearms)

In Canada: Inhabitants of Frosty Moe Land can get the real-deal for about 3000 CAD

Believe it or not, a few terrorist organizations do use the SIG 556, but rarely do because of its high price. (Thank you Counter Strike)

Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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