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A "cute girls doing cute tank things" manga by Takeshi Nogami.

Characters Edit

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf. F Edit

PantherFwithVampir model


The original rounded gun mantlet didn't fit with the hull's "sharp edges" aesthetics and was too wide, so the proportions were slightly off. To adress these problems, a lighter, yet better protected turret with a stereoscopic rangefinder was designed. Slightly modified gun also ditched the muzzle break. Only 8 hulls and 2 turrets were built.

Shimada Kanon '(島田かのん)' Edit


Kanon is a brave, adventurous girl who attends Nora Middle School together with her friends Mariko and Mutsumi. Her dream is to become the strongest tank riders in Northern Kantou. Even though she's commanding a Panther, her boobs are 88.

Takeuchi Mariko ('竹内マリコ)' Edit


Mariko is the brain of the group. She's charismatic and likes to mess with people in a lot of ways. She is the Panther's driver.

Noguchi Mutsumi ('野口むつみ)' Edit


Gentle girl who tries to be a voice of reason during Kanon and Mariko's antics. During a battle, leave the shooting to her! She's A-cup.

Tama-chan ('星野弾/Hoshino Dan)' Edit


Tama-chan. Is there because cute.

Fanart Edit

54937005 p7

Various pictures of Peiper-chan and some extras. Includes the "1 day 1 Peiper-chan" collection!!65pzgAbD!xxLCawR7W8PL2Cl-nDEpkSNAnKtqPoA5xEVTEfFqLMM

Translation workEdit


  • Tankoubon raws Poor quality in some of the volumes, but has bonus chapters, colored pages and no magazine texboxes.
  • Magazine raws. Good quality, but no colored pages and bonuses. Will probably make mixed raws from v3 and on.
  • 30 Volumes of Champion Red Ichigo, courtesy of /e/. Each number corresponds to the same chapter of Juusensha, so you can just download whichever you need. Magazine raws are from these ones.


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