The /ak/ Wiki

A small collection of links, info and other resources. Forever a WIP (this is a wiki after all...).

8/16/16: Some links/entries are out of date or broken, working on them...


WhatTheFont -  Font recognition from an image. Comes in handy every now and then.

Some fonts. Pic related.

A sample of fonts that have been used before on scanlation, roughly grouped by usage (speech, speech outside bubbles, SFX,etc).

Reference, tuts, etc.[] - A small writeup on some comic book lettering conventions and stuff. A nice read for typesetters. Slightly older revision with a few additional types described.

SFX[] - Easy to search and many entries. - A tad clunky. it has a tendency to go down. I found it easier to paste all entries in a text file to search among them later. - Just a listing.

A small book on mimetic expressions, giongo, etc. Partially on English though some kana knowledge may be needed.


.8bf photoshop filters, also compatible with many image editors.

Mehdi fine threshold filter

Mehdi fine threshold filter - It works nicely for cleaning large, sharp scans

Flat median , Noise shampoo helpful for de-noising images. Make a copy of the base layer, filter it and play around with the layer blend modes and opacity.

Software, etc.[]

Irfanview batch. Usual PSD to PNG conversion

Irfanview- Lightweight viewer with some basic edition tools. Can use 8bf (photoshop Compatible) filters. Its batch functions are useful for renaming files and batch-convert PSD files to the final release PNGs/JPGs

Google Translator Browser Add-on -  Exactly what it reads on the tin. Not Google-official despite the title, though.

Tegaki - Handwriting recognition. A bit redundant since you already have IMEpad on windows, but hey.

charmap dot exe

Character Map - Likely available from you vanilla OS install, pretty sure of than on Windows and Ubuntu... Useful to locate certain commonly used symbols used commonly in speech bubbles (reference marks※, hearts♡♥, etc ~♪).

Clipboard manager - very useful for constantly copy-pasting text and stuff since it can hold several entries in it's buffer. For example Ditto.

FontForge- Font editor. Lets you edit a font file so you can add new glyphs, modify existing ones, etc. Example (modified I, C, S, added em dash, ♡, ♥, ♪, etc.)

Miscellaneous Links[]

Inside Scanlation has a really nice set of textual guides for both general editing and QCing.