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Sky Girls is a mecha show that started out with a single episode, produced by Konami and released as an OVA. It later got adapted into a two-season series that aired betwen 2007 and 2008. The titular Sky Girls are a trio, then quartet, then quintet, of flying young girls with more weapons than clothing who fight invading monsters. ¿Sounds similar to Strike WItches? It should. Both shows share, among other things, the same character designer, Humikane Shimada (also character designer of Girls und Panzer).

Also like Strike Witches, Sky Girls has (besides the fanservice) a surprisingly good story and character development with good action scenes. Unlike Strike Witches, Sky Girls has pants. Oh, and GRADIUS references - it's a show by Konami, after all.


  • 2071 CE Since their sudden appearance, the mechanical cell clusters, known as the WORMs, begin sweeping away the human race on a massive scale.
  • 2073 CE After losing one-third of the population in the war with the WORMs, humanity overcame their national differences and united behind a single force.
  • 2074 CE Not being able to turn the situation in their favor, humanity decided to permit the use of weapons of mass destruction. And they succeeded in the annihilation of the WORMs. However, the price they paid was enormous. All the major continents were broken apart. Antarctica disappeared, and half of the remaining land mass was submerged. The largest damage this war caused was the loss of 90% of all military-age personnel, namely men in their twenties and thirties.
  • 2086 CE The WORMs, once thought to have been eliminated, began their activities again. To fight them, a special unit of mecha has been devised: the Sonic Divers. Curiously, these can only be piloted by young females... and are you sure those extremely skin-tight uniforms are actual flight suits?


There was no good release of this series. The standard in 2007 were hardsubed karaokes, missing scenes, and/or eyecancer fonts. We simply brought that to 2016 standards, updating the original scripts of the groups that first subbed the series and the best raw we could find (480p).

(13-Feb-2017): Mega folder nuked. Use the torrent.

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  • DVD specials "Fishing Maniac Eika! Dynamite Fishing"
    • We've not touched them as no un-hardsubed source could be found. Originally done by Ayako, torrent can be found in Nyaa. (We do keep an unedited copy in the full batch Mega folder above for archival purposes).

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