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AUG with her long barrel.

Since she can quickly change barrels, she has two personalities and styles of herself:
  • Short-barreled: she wears a simple, very short, straight hairstyle, that pars with her strict and bookworm but also incredibly timid, shy and meek personality
  • Long barreled: Her hair instantly become longer and wavy, and her personality gets much crazier and aggressive

She wears glasses, probably a hint to her having an unremovable 2x optic sight


since she can change barrels easily, the author decided to transfer this trait into her character. So when she (usually) sports a shorter barrel, she wears a short haircut and is usually strict regarding school rules and moral conduct, but also very meek, reserved, goofy and shy. When she decides to use the longer and heavier barrel, her hairs grow longer (how? does it matter? do you care?) and becomes incredibly aggressive. This reflects also on her combat style, since while using a shorter barrel she is more prone to performing "standard to-the-manual" movements, while with longer barrel she becomes much more raging and hot-headed, but still capable of being a match to the veteran Thompson Sensei. Both personalities in the anime and manga seem to have a strong liking for Funko, to the point that the short barreled version of her runs away at the thought of speaking or being alone with FNC and blushing furiously when FNC compliments her. So much freakingly moe

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The AUG is Austria's service rifle. Australia uses a modified version of the AUG as their service rifle.

Philippines Used by Scout Rangers.

Belgium used by the Federal police

Indonesia: Komando Pasukan Katak (Kopaska) tactical diver group and Komando Pasukan Khusus (Kopassus) special forces group. Also used by Brigade Mobilspecial forces group of the Indonesian National Police, including Detasemen Khusus 88 counter-terrorist unit

Malaysia: Made under license from Steyr by SME Ordnance.Local production of the AUG rifle series started in 1991 with a joint production with Steyr that started in 2004.Lawsuits from Steyr emerged when Malaysia decided to withdraw from joint production.

In service since 1988. The first 5,000 weapons delivered were manufactured in Austria by Steyr Daimler Puch. The majority of weapons now in service are the Australian ADI-made Austeyr F88 variant. It is called the Individual Weapon Steyr or IW steyr in service of the New Zealand Defence Force. The Defence Force is currently (2014) seeking a replacement for the Steyr AUG after concerns about its performance in Afghanistan.


The AUG is the only rifle with two ejection ports, with one closed while the other is open.


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