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In Fiction[]


Tampi closely resembles AUG, being that they are from the same manufacture, but differs in that she has no glasses (as she does not have a built in optic) and keeps the short hair aesthetic only. Her hair is a golden blonde with her eyes being a medium grey color.


Smoli AUG has a strong and bitter rivalry with Empi that was sparked when Empi made a comment about her forgetting her panties (she doesn't wear any normally as she has no stock). This rivalry has kept up throughout the series and has led TMP to run against Empi for student council president among other machinations to prove her superiority to Empi.

She also has a superiority complex in which she thinks that she can outperform everyone because she is newer and even uses that as a point to get at older SMGs like MAT 1949.

Tam-chan also picks up some of her sisters habits as well. She is studious, as shown from the student council events where she organizes a study group, and has a large affection for Funco. Her affection for Funco is so great in fact that she was willing to drop all pretense of her rivalry with Empi in order to look good in front of her.

In Real Life[]


TMP was first developed in 1989 by Steyr Mannlicher as a commercial venture to be sold to militarizes and civilians. The production of the original TMP lasted from 1992 until 2001 when low product sales and luke warm adoption rates from police and military groups caused Steyr to sell the designs to a Swiss company named Brügger & Thomet.

B&T further developed the design of the TMP to modernize and improve upon it. It was decided that a Picatinny rail would be added where the traditional integrated forward grip is placed and that a new grip safety was to be added as well. This new design was labeled the B&T MP9 and set to mass market.

Both the MP9 and the TP9 (the civilian version of the rifle for US and European Market) met with resounding success as the MP9 was adopted by several countries militarys and police forces, as well as seeing strong sales in the civilian market.


Overall the firearm is considered controllable and reliable by those that have used it, with the weight of the gun and its integrated forward grip giving the shooter a stable platform in fully automatic fire. However the TMP/MP9 platform is not without it's drawbacks.

The accuracy is not something that would be considered match grade worthy but is acceptable for what the SMG was designed for. It's biggest complaint from those that use it, is it's trigger. The trigger has anywhere from a 17 to 20 pound draw with an extremely long travel to get to fully automatic fire, as it is a dual stage trigger like the FN 2000 where the first stage is a single shot and the second stage is fully automatic.

Even with the problems from the trigger and not stellar accuracy the TMP/MP9 is considered a well made and reliable secondary army and has seen wide use and acceptance.



  • EKO Cobra [TMP]


  • GSPR [MP9]


  • Mumbai Police [MP9]
  • Indian Army Ghatak platoons [MP9]


  • Kopaska [MP9]
  • Kopassus [MP9]
  • Pasparmpres [MP9]
  • Taifib [MP9]


  • Gruppo di Intervento Speciale [TMP]


  • Grupo de Operações Especiais [MP9]


  • Pasukan Khas Udara [MP9]


  • Portuguese Army [MP9]


  • FSB Alpha Group [MP9]


  • Swiss Police [MP9]
  • Swiss Army [MP9]

South Korea:

  • 707th Special Mission Battalion [MP9]


  • Gendarmerie [MP9]


  • Department of Special Investigations [MP9]


  • Royal Netherlands Air Force [MP9]


While an original TMP will probably not show up on your radar as there wasn't really any imported when Austria was making them, you can purchase a version of the TMP. After the design was sold to Swiss company, B&T, they produced the TMP as the B&T TP9 and this version can be bought across Europe and the United States for 2400 Francs or 2000 USD respectively.

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