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Strike WitchesEdit

So why hasn't this been added yet?

Strike Witches has its own wiki, the size of which is about ten times the size of this. That would be my guess.

That isn't really a good reason, Strike Witches is probably the most well known "Cute girls, doing cute military-related things"-franchise out there, there is even a 1d4chan article for it, it HAS to be on this wiki!

While there are definitely a number of fans for both SW and other /ak/ series, the fanbases in total have never managed to mix well on /a/. So you'll probably newer find SW on this wiki as there's some sort of gentlemen's agreement to keep the fanbases separated. (Same thing goes for Kancolle btw.)

Still, a simple page with "go to this other wiki there for more detailed info" like the one of the SnW page would be useful for the reader, maybe?

-Too many groups work on this stuff already, but people are more than welcome to work on it here if they choose ~/ak/


Gun & Girl illustratedEdit

A small informative book about the current small arms used by the US military. Contains illustrations from various artists

Raw scan pt. 1

Raw scan pt. 2

-One day, one day... ~/ak/

Motofumi Kobayashi's other worksEdit

The author of Cat Shit One has done a ton of other works drawn in a more realistic style that may be of interest (I've also noticed that the author has republished some of these in his "Genbun Magazine"):

  • Modern
    • Tokyo Wars: Alternate history story where the Soviet Union invades Japan in the mid-1990s.
    • Battle over Hokkaido: The original Soviet invasion story that spawned a mod for Operation Flashpoint. The raw that I have is incomplete--it only covers a single side story.
    • Second Korean War: North Korea invades the South and the JSDF join in.
    • Vietnam: Collection of Vietnam War stories plus contributions from other authors.
  • World War II

-Will do at some point ~/ak/

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Edit

  • Original Title : 盾の勇者の成り上がり
  • Alternative Title: The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • Author : Aneko Yusagi (アネコユサギ)
  • Illustrator : Minami Seira (弥南 せいら)
  • Publisher : MF Books
  • Status : 4 volumes, publication still ongoing.
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I'm not suggesting the light novel (which has been picked up ), but this has been recently adapted into a manga. Raws available here. Huge spoilers available on animesuki. This sort of thing seems exactly up our alley.

-No, already being worked on by other groups ~/ak/

Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem wo Tsukucchaimashita!? Edit

  • Original Title : 軍オタが魔法世界に転生したら、現代兵器で軍隊ハーレムを作っちゃいました!?
  • Alternative Title: When a Gun-Nerd is Reincarnated to World of Magic, He established Harem army of Modern Weapons!?
  • Author : Meikyou Shisui (明鏡シスイ)
  • Illustrator : N/A
  • Status : Web novel- Started on 2013/11/22 - ongoing; Current chapters: 104 (Light Novel publication in the works?)

I know guys mostly do manga but I being a slavaboo /k/omando thought that this might be up our alley after seeing the Re:monster novel translators recommending it;

"Reincarnated after becoming an orphan in modern day japan. Lute is able to craft weapons from the old world, such as AK-47, Grenade Launchers, Mines, and the mighty Dragunov… facing off against Knights, Wizards and other fantasy things. He gets a battle harem. He also has that super awesome shedevil with a Dragunov and tank buster grenades." like how cool is that?

I mean:

✓ -life and then he is killed by a [thing]; in this case a "bully"

✓ -retained the memories/skill of/from [event]; his past life

✓ -Firearms against fantasy characters, creatures and tropes

✓ -Battle Harem.

✓ -MC is a "Gun otaku"

similar to: Mushoku Tensei, Re:Monster, Drifters, Threads of Time, Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There!, etc.. WN Raws available here.

Google doc link for translation

oh yeah keep up the great work /ak/!! best scan group out right now!

-One Time Scans & Little Black Butterflies, among others, are already working on this series ~/ak/

Hachinan tte, Sore wa nai Deshou!Edit

Ichinomiya Shingo, a young worker of firm company (25th years old, single) while thinking of tomorrow busy working day goes to sleep. However the moment he woke up, it's a room unknown to him. He then learn that he is inside a 6-years-old boy and taking over his mind. He then learn a lot from the memories of the said boy: he was born as the youngest child (8th son and 10th children) of poor noble family living in backcountry. Having no administrative skill, he can't do anything to manage the vast land his family have. Fortunately, he is blessed with a very rare talent, talent of magic. Unfortunately, while his talent could bring prosperity to his family, in his situation it will only brought disaster. Yes, this is the story of the boy, Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister, opening his own path in harsh world.       


Negative Twin Tower Edit

I'm not working on this anymore. -Uxtef

Species Domain Edit

Species Domain

Present day, present time. Children with features of legendary creatures (like dwarves, oni, harpies etc; presumably reincarnated from another world) start to get born from normal parents (or rather replace their children shortly after birth). But they lack the abilities of their legendary predecessors. Our heroine, an elf girl named Kazemori, suffered through her childhood because other kids expected her to wield magic like a true elf. She tries to uphold her "magic user" image in high school but the person who finds out her secret is an ordinary human who practices magic-like science.

Any interest in this? It's kinda a reversal of the usual isekai genre, and has a bearded Dwarf girl. The series has furigana and tankoubon raws of the e-book release are available (they're slightly blurry, but still worlds better than what we're used from Alphapolis)

-swiss Momo

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai KyousoukyokuEdit

Raw: Found Here, Please translate it.Edit

Grimoire x Reverse Edit

a new series running in the same magazine as Overlord with 2 chapters out so far

Another 'MC gets reborn into fantasy RPG world with a special ability given to him by some goddess' series, even if this is only mentioned in the narration so far and it also lacks stuff like characters seeing menu windows pop-up and stuff. Caught my attention since the main girls is a cute Kitsune, and dam I just love them fluffy tails


ch. 01

ch. 02

ch. 03

ch. 04

ch. 05

ch. 06

ch. 07

ch. 08

ch. 09

ch. 10

-swiss Momo

looks like this got axed, since it says this is the final chapter. Although there isn't the usual 'thank you for reading' line at the end. What a shame, Hiiragi was such a QT...

The Mage Will Master Magic Efficiently In His Second LifeEdit

First, I would like to thank you for posting this manga, I have found the first two chapters very enjoyable.

While I am no scholar, regular readings of the King James Version of the Bible did lead me to catching a common mistake with translations using Early Modern English in the first and third pages of the first chapter.  While these grammatical errors in no way diminished the work, nor made its translation less enjoyable, I felt that informing /ak/ wouldn't hurt.

The word 'ye' indicates a group of people being addressed in a subjective form.  As the party addressed was a single individual who was the object in the sentence of the first page the more appropriate word would have been 'thee' while the single party addressed in the third page was the subject of the sentence 'thou shalt' would have been the correct phrase.

For reference when using archaic grammar:

Thank you again for the translations and I look forward to a continuation of this series.

-S. Bowen Jolley

-Added into production already ~/ak/

I had Incarnated (No, sorry) Edit

Of high school students who lost their lives in God's mistake Xiang, to be incarnated in a different world as the eldest son Will of prestigious nobility. Then one day, Will you know that sneaked into father of archive in crawling, there is magic in this world. And immediately try to use the magic, what he is magic vast, all of the attributes available in the Cheat - !? original Japanese genius boy, Warriors fantasy season !! spree use also unknown magic


Hope you will be able to translate this before chapter 1 disappear.... sorry for poor editing

I think this is a great manga that should be look forward to.... even though i don't understand Japanese language i kinda like the pictures their showing..

Looking forward for translating this!

Raws are here:

By ragerazz21

Mitsurin Shounen Edit

A manga following a child soldier "Aki Ra", set in Cambodia during the reign of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, also known as the Khmer Rouge. The specific date is set just before the time of the Cambodian-Vietnamese War (pre-January 1979?)

The artist draws and treats the settings with a higher degree of realism than most other stories - although there are some clear exceptions (claymore scene comes to mind lol).

It is unfortunately based on a real story.

Translations partially exist for volume 1. Raws up to volume 2 can be found here. I acknowledge the difficulty in finding better raws, but this should be a short one to complete if anyone wants to try.

Maid In Japan Edit

Maid in Japan

In order to be employed by a rich family, Narumi Inoue, hiding the truth that he is a man, attends a maids' school.

(needs cleaner/typesetter) A very unconventional manga by Orimoto Mimana known for his work on "Bakuon" and various futa doujins. "Bakuon" blatantly reuses some themes and a character design from this manga. This was also published in the same magazine as "Sailor-fuku to Juusensha" from the first issue and even references it in some of the chapters. It has that specific "Champion RED Ichigo" the style of humour. If you like any of those two mangas, you'd probably like this one. For an ecchi comedy, it is also a surprisingly thoughtful exploration of what it truly means to be a man or a woman.

Starting from the second half, it becomes increasingly more /k/-related adding to the overall madness. First half though - not so much, but it's not like everything we do absolutely have to be 100% /k/-related.

First 6 chapters were translated, but TL on first 3 is atrociously bad. 4-6 are fine though.

raws - some raws on the internet have been re-compressed. These are the best quality.

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