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In Fiction[]


Suomi-Sensei has short blonde hair and is taller than the other staff at the Elementary school which may be due to the fact that his barrel length is longer than most of the other staffers. Like the other male staff at the Elementary school his face is never fully detailed (notably he is missing his eyes, even when his face his fully shown).


Although he appears to be looking out for his students, he actually puts them in harms way to strive for his idea of "justice" under the "Nordic Balance" an idea to keep his actions neutral as to keep good relations, not only with western nations, but with Warsaw pact and soviet nations as well, to keep their neutrality. This led him to betray his students and help Akaganekou as to keep his "balance" and "Justice".

In Real Life[]


Amio Lahti, one a Finland's prominent firearms designers, had some success with the Suomi KP/-22 in trials but was not adopted. He went back and made a huge number of changes to the design to prevent some of the drawbacks from the KP/-22, including quick oxidation of the barrels and magazines.

Suomi KP/-26, the new design was presented to the army for trials in 1925 and they ordered more than 100 for a few army and civil guard units.

It was not long before more problems arose with the KP/-26 as it was prone to jams from the curved magazine. This was changed to a drum magazine, and with some other small improvements became the Suomi KP/-31.

The KP/-26 never saw combat and was mostly given to Finnish rear units and civil guard, where it was kept in service until 1959 before the last surviving 57 units were sold to Interarmco.


Having a longer barrel and heavier weight than most SMGs of its class, the KP/-26 was controllable and accurate while firing. However, there was a major issue with the feeding system as the curved magazine issued with the firearm was shown to cause numerous malfunctions. This, along with a few other design issues led to changes that became the Suomi KP/-31



  • Finnish Army [For Trials]
  • Finnish Home Guard


It is very unlikely that you will ever see one in person as they were never mass produced, and never saw combat. In fact when the Finns struck them from their home guard inventory in 1959 only 57 examples of the original 100+ produced were available. There was a magazine or two floating around but parts kits or whole guns are basically impossible to find.

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