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The T-34 was the first mainstream production series of Soviet factories. Any factory dedicated to the mobilization of the Soviet counterattack made this simple tank with sloped armor and a F-34 76mm L/42.5 cannon. The tank changed the entire Panzer VI fleet in upgrading their guns to kwk 40's which were 7.5cm L/43 cannons from existing kwk 37 7.5cm L/24 cannons just to be combat effective. With 500 horsepower diesel engines it can reach a maximum speed of 33 MPH on open ground to quickly outmaneuver enemy tank crews. The problem was if the crew was good enough they can dominate a Panzer IV or lighter, which meant even the Germans captured the soviet tanks to use as a compromise and later developement of the PAnzer V Panther. Unfortunately what passed for driving were tractor farming experience and cramped hand cranked turrets for two men, mixed in with no radios for command and unit formation tactics. Sadly the T34/76 did not dominate the opposition until the 85mm cannon series came into production in 1943, when all existing T-34's were retrofitted with enough wireless radios for better coordinated attacks.

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