Nogami Takeshi ( 野上 武志) is the best mangaka to ever grace /ak/ with his presence. This ARTIST, this CADILLAC OF MAN is well know for his love of cute girls doing cute military things with some occasional heavy eroticism. He's also infamous for his sloppy research, but his constant /k/-trivia mistakes are charming in their own way. This phenomenon became know as "Nogami Nogamied" among the fans. In Girls und Panzer, Nogami was in charge of design for Ducks (except Noriko), Hippos (except Caesar) and Anteaters, he also designed the characters of the anime created by the cast of Shirobako. When working, he uses his playmo collection as drawing references. Models were mostly given to him by fans because he doesn't know how to make them. His favourite tank is Japanese Type 74.


  • Koutetsu no Shoujo-tachi (2001) – as artist. A "serious war" series about Girls and Tanks.
  • Moeyo Sensha Gakkou!! (2005) – great infotainment books with cute girls teaching all sorts of things about tanks and some comics to keep you in high spirits
  • Tetsusha Teikoku no Joshuu (2005) – a hentai samurai novel
  • Yamato Nadeshiko 007 (2005) – A tale of "sexpionage."
  • Sailor Fuku to Juusensha (2006) – his magnum opus
  • Tsuki no Umi no Rua (2007) – the tale of Princess Kaguya in a World War II setting.
  • Soukai no Seiki (2011) – something about boats
  • Strike Witches: Africa no Majo (2012) – semi-canonical doujin series

  • Marine Corps Yumi (2012) – a girl joins US marines to fulfil her dream of becoming the president.

  • Seilor Kentouki Arashi aka The Gladiatricx (2012) – modern-era female gladiators being lewd
  • Shidenkai no Maki (2013) – a girl fights for the skies of her school in a WW2 plane

  • Girls und Panzer: Comic Anthology 1 Chapter 1 (2013)

  • Girls und Panzer: Ribbon no Musha (2014) – as artist
  • Dai 3-hikou Shoujo-tai (2015) – one-shot with his Shirobako characters
  • THE SECRET SHOGUN (2017) - Peace reigns supreme in the tranquil period of Azuchi, but fires of wickedness sprouts from time to time. Our group of unlikely gallant travelers includes an old retired man and two gorgeous women--A dark-skinned ninja scantly dressed in a bikini-style gusoku samurai light armor and a long-eared bespeckled gunslinger. Give this tale of adventure and intrigue your undivided attention for now the journey of the brave trio is set to begin!
  • some other one-shots, doujins and hentai

Also, some of the self-published stuff (like Strike Witches doujins) has Engrish added to the bubbles by Nogami himself.


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