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Type 86S is tall for an assault rifle, and very slender, rivaling AK-74 or vz. 58 for the role of "most slender raifu". She has black hair that is almost shoulder length as well as black feline ears and a long slender black tail with a white section of fur at the end of her tail.


Not much is known on her personality as she has only had all of four pages of screen time, besides the fact that she is very cocky and gets punished for it.

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Not much is actually known about the history of the Type 86 rifle as the rifle was never truly meant to pass military trials because at the same time the PRC was developing the new 5.8x42mm Cartridge.

What is known about the Type 86 is that it borrows heavily in design from both the FA-MAS and the Styer AUG, with the former's carrying handle and charging handle and the latter's fold-able forward grip.

After not progressing anywhere in the PRC's military or state police force, Norinco proceeded to ship semi-auto variants to the United States for sale. Unfortunately for Norinco and the Type 86S the rifle was banned from importation after a scant 2000 or so rifles made it into the country.


From those that have used the gun, the rifle is well designed in the aspects of control, shooter comfort, and reliability. The attached forward grip makes the rifle easy to control and the recoil impulse smaller than a normal AK.

Compared to a standard AK the Type 86S is much shorter but has a longer length of pull, giving shooters with longer arms a more comfortable shooting experience.

In size comparison, the Type 86S is close in size to a folded AK under-folder, meaning that the rifle is more compact and transportable than a standard assault rifle.

While these are great boons to the Type 86S, there are also a few drawbacks that hamper an otherwise great experience. Mainly that the safety is cumbersome and awkward to use and the sight picture is obscured by the thick (and not in the good way) carrying handle.


No state based users as the rifle was only made as a prototype in selective fire for trials with the People's Army while the rest were made for commercial purposes.


With so few imported before the ban on importations made in 1989, they are very hard to come by. If you can find them for sale they are usually within the 2.5-5k USD range at the time of writing and are only available in the United States as that is the only country they were imported too.

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