Alright, everyone. With December right around the corner, many of us are finally experiencing this cold and wet stuff known as "snow". For many of you, that means being trapped inside waiting for it to either get warmer or for your local snowplow guys to dig you out of your natural igloo. But for those who are perfectly content with staying inside, turning up those J-Pop tunes, and drinking cheap supermarket [insert hot drink of choice here]:

How about we get off our body pillows and get some scanlating done?

I have two ideas in mind, for both those who want to work on various projects and for those who just want to do menial things:

1. The "Make /ak/ Great Again" Program

For those who are not very big on helping out with scanlating stuff, you can help us here on the wiki! Just help to fill out any missing information and proofread existing pages to make the wiki much more clean and fluffy-looking. Find a good image that fits with one of the Upotte characters? Upload it and place it! See some grammar or spelling errors? Fix it! Want to make pages less cluttered and more uniform? Make a new page and work on it! It's easy to do, and doesn't take much time out of your 'busy' day. The goal is to have all the pages (characters, scanlation, informational pages) cleaned up by the end of Feb. 2017. This date is not exactly set in stone, but I know a few of you like having general dates in your heads to help push you along, so about 3 months from now should be a good place to check and see how the progress is going.

2. Operation "Kiss in a Snowless Winter" (Thanks Stiff for the name)

This is going to be the meat of the efforts around here for the next month or so. This operation is for us scanlators to try to ramp up our output to a nice pace. While most of the Classic /ak/ series scanlators are on board with the idea, we still would love to have those who work on the other minor projects (such as all those isekai and web comics) to help out during this time. If you have not already, please send an email to me (Lardagus) for access to our Slack page. Slack is basically a workplace Discord with file-sharing and other helpful tools, and we would love for those who translate, clean, typeset, and proofread/edit to join us there ASAP! The goal for this operation is to have all current production chapters finished by no later than December 31st, 2016. This means that anything that is pending or has yet to be finished will be worked on to completion. Whether you can donate an hour or a day to help out, every little bit helps! See an error with someone's script? Help to fix it! See a project is nearly dead in the water? Get those buckets out and help bail them out! Want to start something that was dropped previously? Why are you asking, just get to it! 

These two projects should be our guiding force for the near future, so let's all give it our all and show everyone what /ak/ is all about!

Because cute operators operating operationally don't fight sitting down.

Lardagus (talk) 08:00, November 23, 2016 (UTC)

*For those who want access to Slack, either follow the instructions on the Scanlation Resources page or contact me directly at "". When you contact me, make sure to put a simple "[AK]" in the subject so I don't accidentally delete it!

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