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Hard times call for strong potatoes.

Hello again, everyone~!

Another series of updates just for you all! It won't be as many as last time, but this should be able to satisfy some of your questions you may have right now. Some of them will no doubt bring more questions and maybe a little salt from some of you, but we believe this is for the best. Without further ado, here's the roundup:

MangaDex, /ak/ Scans, and You: A primer

With the death of our dearly beloved Batoto last month, a lot of us here have been searching for some sort of site to fill that manga void. Worry no more! MangaDex is that void-replacing site for you!

Follow us there for all the latest updates, as we will only upload to the wiki here and MangaDex. Other websites, while they get and host our files as well, are not directly from us nor are they associated with us in any way! If you want to support us, download from the wiki or read it on MangaDex! And speaking of MangaDex and uploading...

Uploading Restrictions

'      We here at /ak/ scanlations love our work, just like any group of volunteers would. Unfortunately, in recent months, there has been a spade of poor quality uploads being associated with us. While we understand that people here have varying levels of skill when working with various projects, we have decided to restrict uploads to MangaDex to group members only' as of tonight. If you wish to gain access to the group to upload under the /ak/ scanlation name, you must join us on the /ak/ Discord and contact one of the staff members. This is a way for us to kill two birds with one stone. We are not only attempting to increase the output quality, but we are also wanting to increase the general output quantity as well. But that requires people to actually communicate in more ways than just occasionally in the (useless and buggy) comments section here on Wikia. If anyone has questions, feel free to contact us in any way and we can try to help figure out the transition with you! Of course, if those here choose not to join up, they can still upload series, but they will not be official releases by us anymore.

We hope everyone understands this decision!

Series Updates

Coming off that more wordy section, here is a much more quick and easy list of some series updates:

  • Overlord is officially dropped due to lack of interest/staff.
  • Sora No Woto was picked up for one chapter (chapter 9), but has been put on hiatus again. Might be picked up again?
  • The various web novel isekai stories et al in the "Other" section may or may not be dropped depending on staff resources per above dialog.
  • Any series that have not been updated in a long time (at least a year or more of inactivity) will be placed into a new "Hiatus" section until their status is confirmed. This includes series like Salty Road and Gunners, along with others that will be placed shortly.
  • GuP-related series are still on track for releases, as are any other "Main" projects (unless otherwise noted).


And as a last minute request from everyone, but we are looking for contributers who can help maintain and update the wiki pages for both the main and other series in our listings! If you are interested in helping out with that (or actual scanlation work), please send me (Lardagus) a message on the Discord and we can get you to work!

Thank you for reading, enjoy your weekend everyone!

-/ak/ scanlations

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