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A classic Christmas story...

Hello everyone!

Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever else you all celebrate this time of year (or don't) everyone! We hope you all are having a good time doing whatever it is you do, whether that is chowing down on glorious holiday foods or clearing that anime/manga backlog you started in 2004 (but it only gets bigger, not smaller with each passing month).We have a few new things coming up for this month and beyond, so let's get started, shall we?

Operation Frozen Stars with Love

Just like last year with Operation Kiss in a Snowless Winter, we are going to have a new Operation dedicated to getting all you fans out there a nice blitz of quality content! Last year's grand total for chapter releases reached 13 chapters in the span of the month of December, and we are going to try and top that this year with at least 20 chapters from various projects both new and old. But, like Santa's elves, we too need help sometimes. So, if you are interested in helping (and have experience working with various stuff like typesetting, translating, and more), please drop us a line either on Twitter* (@AKScans, @lardagus, @E16S1, or @wotnuk), staff email (new one coming eventually), or using the comments system here on the wiki. Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope to deliver you all some nice fresh content in time for the holidays!

Wiki Changes

With a new year comes time for cleaning out the old and rotten, or in this case, fixing the large amount of link rot we have been noticing pop up recently. While we strive to have all our chapters online and ready for download, we understand that the task isn't made easy by the dubious field we work in. So, while we will attempt to stem the flow of rotting links, please keep in mind that this is a volunteer-run effort for hosting and maintaining the wiki. We ask that if anything arises, please attempt to contact someone from the abbreviated list above and we will try our best to either repair the rot or point you all towards a place you can read them (i.e Batoto).

Another area of improvement would be the consolidation of page and project editors into one central location. While we understand that not everyone feels comfortable with being any more than an anonymous tabula rasa on the internet, it's nice to get some recognition for what you do. With this, we will attempt to get as many of you editors onto our internal /ak/ Slack page as possible starting in 2018. Again, this is not a mandatory step, but it would help clean up some of the more... "iffy" quality chapters that have come out in recent months, plus allows people to work quicker and with less overall hassle. I hope that you all will join the major project groups already on the page, but this is simply a request and not an order.

The last area for change would be a pretty simple one: the decommissioning of the /ak/ scans help desk. For those unaware of it (which most of you were), we had a small external chat room where people could ask questions and get problems solved in a pinch. Unfortunately, neither I nor anyone else took serious advantage of the system. So, on December 31st, I will remove the links and deactivate the chatroom. There wasn't much going on anyway, so this isn't that much of a serious change or loss to anyone. And this segways into our final topic of discussion...

Being in the Know

We here at /ak/ scanlations work hard to get you, the fans, great content at a somewhat decent rate. But we want to hear from you guys on what kinds of things you all want to see coming from our scanlation sweatshop orchard. So, along with asking questions of the various platforms above, what kinds of ways do you all want to get up-to-date information on your favorite series? Please comment below and tell us what you think! We have staff in 27 different time zones, so there is bound to be someone awake to reply (though some are much more active than others). Or, if you have general questions for other stuff between blog posts, feel free to ask them below as well! I know we don't update this part of the wiki often, as we all have real life stuff to do as well, but if you guys like these kinds of wordy posts (or want more condensed snippets), tell us! We love to hear from you all, whether it's about your favorite moments or reporting a production error to us!

We will make a new blog post around New Years to tally up the chapter releases and discuss any further changes as we head into 2018, so please stay tuned to the wiki, social media, and any other place you get reliable scanlation information!

We hope you all have a safe and joyful holiday season!

Cheers! -/ak/ scans

Lardagus (talk) 08:26, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

(*)Barring none of us get banned due to the upcoming "Twitterocapypse", but we doubt anything will come of it...

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