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Yay~! Another successful operation!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We hope you all have a great and safe holiday season, but with the toll of the bells and the bursting of fireworks shells, it's time to look ahead to 2018. This will be a somewhat short post as it's mostly a conclusion and additional thoughts for the upcoming release seasons.

Operation Frozen Stars with Love AAR

With another December passed means another finished Operation! While we did not reach our goal of 20 chapters released before New Year's Day, we did get a few new series into rotation and put out a nice spread worthy of commendation. The following is a (rough) list of the releases during December 1st to the 31st:

SFJT Bonus Chapter
Afterschool Girls x Assault 2
Afterschool Girls x Assault 3
Upotte Sisters #0
Upotte #85
Upotte #86
Ribbon Warrior 32
Afterschool Girls x Assault 4
Gunka no Kaban (Kemono Friends doujin)
Tokyo Kari-niku Teppou-tai Ch. 1

There might be more added later, as I probably missed a few releases here or there because of the busy season. But with the end of one Operation...

Future Mini-Operations (or Mini-Ops for short)

...means more in the future! This is more a testing of the waters, but would you all (fans and staff alike) like to see more small-scale operations during the year? The idea would be to do quick bursts of extra chapter releases in a 1-2 week period every so often (roughly every 1-2 months), and getting more involvement from staff and fans to get everyone's favorite content released sooner and neater. Tell us below, on Twitter, or any of the various /ak/ threads on /a/ or /k/!

A Little Housekeeping

-Soon after I post this blog, I will be deleting and deactivating the /ak/ scans chatroom. It was a nice test, but we might make an alternative at a later date. Suggestions that we've received earlier include creating a Discord or another more user-friendly chatroom widget or page.

-We also want to see some more cleaning up of disused and cluttered wiki pages, so help us make this place look clean enough to eat off of! Just help fill in missing information sections or format pages to be similar and consistent. Every little bit helps!

Thank you all again for helping out, enjoying our content, or just liking the work we do. We appreciate it!

Have a enjoyable 2018, and look forward to more releases of your favorite variation of girls, guns, and gear!

-/ak/ scans

Lardagus (talk) 03:32, January 2, 2018 (UTC)