The reindeer are getting anxious...

Greetings again, fans and staffers alike!

Welcome to a (long overdue) /ak/ scanlations blog post! I apologize for this being a long time in the making, but I'll
be sure to jam it full of as much cosmoline content as we can!

Operation i manga sono belli

Translated from the language of pasta and Anchovy et al as "The manga are beautiful", we plan to do just that with our upcoming Operation. Starting roughly the end of November and going all the way till the New Year, we plan on getting as many chapters released as possible. Whether they are new or old, we will try and top our previous operations. Operation Kiss in a Snowless Winter (2016) was the very first with 13 chapters released. Next, we had Operation Frozen Stars with Love (2017) with a smaller but respectable 10 releases. While we originally wanted 20 chapters that year, it might have been a little overkill. So this year we are going to under-promise and over-deliver! Our goal is at least 10 chapters released to you all by the end of this year! Here's to a productive winter season for us! Also big thanks to Taiboss, one of our great translators, for suggesting the name! Cookies to whoever gets the reference! Hint: It's based a film title.

Night Watch (working title)

And to try and get some more interactive stuff for you all, we are planning on hosting a weekly /ak/-themed (or not) anime sampler of between 3-5 shows. This is to both get people more engaged with our staffers who will be running the streams and to give people the ability to ask questions about a wide range of stuff. Right now only a North American-based stream is planned, but if interest from other parts of the world increase, then we shall try and spread them out over different days and time-zones to get a wider audience. The idea is to have them at generally agreeable times for both our staff and viewers. If we do choose to do international-centered streams as well, we will keep the content similar as to not force people to try and catch all the streams. There is also a plan to have small scanlation streams of 10-15 minutes mixed in as well, to show how we are generally progressing. Now of course this is still in the planning stages, so things are subject to change (if at all happen), but we will put out announcements here, on our various Twitter accounts, and on our Discord when we have more to say. Suggestions are always welcome!

More Housekeeping

Just a short section, but we will be removing any and all spam comments and useless pages over the coming days and weeks. It's like a spring cleaning, but it's cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle up with your blanket and drink spiked eggnog because you are that kind of party animal. Also, as for stuff like the Mini-Operations, we still have those on the back burner, but a lot of the staffers are just busy keeping up with the normal work during the regular year to do them at the moment. We will also announce when we do them on the aforementioned social media platforms.

Series updates

A quick roundup of the various series that are in current production

-We have restarted Cat Shit One '80 and Salty Road. We hope to have new chapters coming soon, especially for the upcoming Operation.
-Girls und Panzer: Saga of Pravda was added recently, as is being worked on along with other stuff from Ribbon Warrior.
-Groundless is very much still in the air (/pun), sadly.
-Upotte is on schedule but will be delayed November because of the tankobon release. Sailor Suit and Heavy Tank is also on schedule.
-Assault Girls After School is still being worked on, abet slowly, as is Shidenkai no Maki.

Any other series that isn't listed by name is still on our minds, but they are at various stages of completion (ranging in the catagory between "nothing has been done for years" to "literally why hasn't this been sent out already? It's done, man, it's done!").

A few final notes

As always, we hope you all have been enjoying our translations of these works. We work hard to bring you guys great content with a militarily-themed focus. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to voice them on our social media or down below in the comments section!

The last thing I want to ask from the community is this: we need help.

No, we are not begging for monetary donations or anything like that. What we need help with is manpower and expertise. We need translators, expert cleaners, and script checkers/proofreaders to keep our "war" machine running at full power. We are also looking for those who are experienced with anime subbing, as we have a few other projects for next year as well! If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact us through our Discord or Twitter (primarily @lardagus')'! We accept anyone who is willing to put forth the effort, even if it's only for short periods of time due to real life commitments. We've all been there, so we understand.

Do you part today and apply within! We'd appreciate it!

Thank you again for all that you all do, whether it's reading or helping! Every bit helps!!!

-/ak/ scanlations

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